2kriss feat Wizkid Iceprince - Good Life lyrics

Chorus (wizkid)
I’m liviing that good life
I’m steady getting that money
I smile everytime that i wake up
I’m living that good life
I love my life
Bad man can’t stop my shine
Moses (2kriss)
I’m always on my grind
I’m getting my cake up
Making more dough than a baker
Now i shine
Bright like a jacob
More like the sun when i wake up
(I’m steady getting that money)
Instead of copying that Louis V and the Prada
I rather give that good life to my mama
(I love my life)
My life there’s no drama
So peaceful, Dalai Lama
And i wanna live like this forever
wanna show the world, khaki no be leather
i’m a trend setter, my life don better
(I’m living that good life, i’m steady getting that money)
never thought i’d make it big
never thought music could be my occupation
i’m in my own league
my life is like a vacation
Chorus x2
Ice Prince
Uh uh, yeah yeah
What more can i say
I’m living the bliss
swimming in the good life, i’m feeling like a fish
i really can’t act so i’m sticking to the script
my life is like a movie and i’m a giving you a clip
you’re welcome to my world
lights flash everytime
party on the boat with the girls looking very fine
from london to US
they callin’ my crew best
cuz we got bars up and down like a duplex
Root next, who’s next thats me
you less test me
cuz i can make it rain
no clouds can impress me
and i’m fresh outta the first class
even when i have a bad time but when i speak the words rock
i’m still getting mad love when i go clubbing
i’m still signing autographs when i go jogging
on the streets, my name is fly jordan
and no wonder i’m always in the zone when i’m recording
chorus (x2)
Raphael (2kriss)
See i stay fly
BA explosive, DELAY
flow’s got your girl spinning back and forth
plus i got the face for bill boards
so better stay seated cuz my flow is so
went from getting licks and kicks at age 6
but the same teacher now, she be screaming at 2kriss
cuz girls chase me, no need to chase chicks
all i do is chase money like dogs who chase sticks
they said my life was a car crash
now they watch me like a G6
all up in your face everyday,
(i’m living the goodlife)
and i never wanna wake up
i’m living the dream see like Martin Luther King
fufilling prophesis at just age 17
so Asians Causasians
Blackberry ping me
this is how life’s supposed to be
Chorus till end.

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