Davido - Malay Boiz Freestyle lyrics

Yea yea
Look these niggas out running out they mouths on some fag shit
They mad cause I finally got some shit that I could brag wit
Talk down on my life style, get yo hand up out my bag bitch
Fucking with the money ?? that's gone have you in a bag quick
Don't live by the gun but they still know that I'm the savage
2 - 1 do yo thang, always let yo nuts ?? hang
Gotta wrap my hair at night when I perform
Purple rain ??
Weather storms sever frames every time she let me bang
Keep my name in her mouth ??
She be like yeah God dang
I be live in old navy
I don't need balmains
I be barely Savin money
While you begging me to change
I'm just tryna live my life
It's a gift to me today
Got opinions on my lyrics?
Still deliver what I say
I wanna fuck a mixbreed to create a new shade
In a winter ?? ima need a sweater
Prolly coogi
I be wit her keep her head sprung
Call me cool J
On my Willy call me big illy
Call me cool J
Oooookay (yeahh yeahhh ?? ??)

Horny raps, they say I got corny?? raps
Looking for that oil no no I'm not pouring that
Lately I been out here grinding yea I been rolling that. ??
Shortie got a set, but I got something that could go with that

Give me something to believe in
You say I need reasons
Investments still increasing
Too easy think I'm cheating
Reading all these struggle bars
From legends tryna snuggle ours
You niggas got me hot enough
I might just turn this shit to mars ??
Every time they turn me on I
Play my hand like playing cards ??
I tell her all the right things
Baby omelette du fromage
Saucing everywhere I go
I'm my own entourage
You niggas is hot garbage
Like cut grass in my garage
Texas summers garbage bags
I don't feel you not at all

Understand I am possessive
But I'm not the only one
& we stuck on double standards
Cause you can't just eat one
Relationship it's complicated
I just had a little fun
Always been on top of business
Never doing nothunnn
Conversation timed right
Now we both, nuttin
Now I see we all crazy ?? now
We just pushing buttons

Now I'm grabbing for manual
I finally gotta my handle on
I finally found a beat
That I could eat
Or maybe ramble on
Did a front flip just to score ?? yea
I get my scramble on
Cam Newton still shootin
(Breathe) playing Cupid
Still awake dreaming lucid
From her spout drinking fluid
Membership just renewed it
Take a trip, just to screw it
Been the shit been screwed it
Awww shit y'all knew it
Do it to it do it do it ( water ??)
Tell my babies keep it g
I make sure that you right wit me
Only wanna show love ?? I
Guess that's why they fight wit me

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