Iraq National Anthem English Translation


Land of Two Rivers

Latin Transliteration

Watanun Mede Alalufqui

Janaha Warteda Majdalkadarati

Wishaha Burikat Ardulfurataini

Watan Abqariyyalmajd Azmen

Wa Samaha Wataha

Hathihilardu Lehibun Wa Sana

Wa Shumukhum La Tudanini Sama

Jabalun Yesmu Ala Hamilduna

Wa Suhulun Jassadat Finaliba

Babilun Fina Wa Ashourun Lena

Wa Binaltarikhu Yakhdallu Dia

Nahnu Finnasi Jamana Wahduna

Ghadbat Assayfi Wa Hilm Alanbiya.

Ya Saraya Albathi Ya Usdelarin

Ya Shumukh Alizzi Walmajd Ittalid

Izahafi Kalhawli Linnasrilmubin

Wab Athi Fi Ardina Ahdarrashid

Nahnu Jeelulbathl: Fajrulkadihin

Ya Rihab Almajd Udna Min Jadid

Ummatun Nabni Bi Azmin La Yalim

Wa Shahidun Yaqatfi Khatwa Shahid.

Shatunaljabbar Zahwun Wantilaq

Wa Qila Alizzi Yebniba Alrifag

Dumta Liburbi Malathan Ya Iraq

Wa Shumusan Tajalullayla Sabaha.


A homeland that extended its wings over the horizon,

And wore the glory of civilization as a garment--

Blessed be the land of the two rivers,

A homeland of glorious determination and tolerance.

This homeland is made of flame and splendour

And pride unequaled by the high heavens.

It is a mountain that rises above the tops of the world

And a plain that embodies our pride.

Babylon is inherent in us and Assyria is ours,

And because of the glory of our background

History itself radiates with light,

And it is we alone who possess the anger of the sword

And the patience of the prophets.

Oh company of al-Ba'th, you pride of lions,

Oh pinnacle of pride and of inherited glory,

Advance, bringing terror, to a certain victory

And resurrect the time of al-Rashid in our land!

We are a generation who give all and toil to the utmost.

Oh expanse of glory, we have returned anew

To a nation that we build with unyielding determination.

And each martyr follows in the footsteps of a former martyr.

Our mighty nation is filled with pride and vigour

And the comrades build the fortresses of glory.

Oh Iraq, may you remain forever a refuge for all the Arabs

And be as suns that turn night into day!

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