248-Ah whither should I go
For the love of Christ constrains us
2 cor 5:14
Ah whither should I go
Burdened and sick and faint
To whom should my troubles show
And pour out my complaint

My Saviour bids me come
Ah why do I delay
He calls the weary sinner home
And yet from Him I stay

What is it keeps me back
From which I cannot part
Which will not let my Saviour take
Possession of my heart?

Some cursed thing unknown
Must surely lurk within
Some idol which I will not own
Some secret bosom-sin.

Jesus the hindrance show
Which I have feared to see
Yet let me now consent to know
What keeps me out of thee?

Searcher of hearts in mine
Thy trying power display
Into its darkest corners shine
And take the veil away

I now believe in thee
Compassion reigns alone
According to my faith to me
O let it, Lord be done!

In me is all the bar
Which thou wouldst fain remove
Remove it and I shall declare
That God is only love
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