Amanda Black – Intro Lyrics feat. Kush Mahleka

Are we good?

Take pride and insult it with the best descriptions of fulfilled
Inherit a listen between signs of sealed prayers
Take your fears to the reality of your fight
Love yourself bare and dusty
Release the lioness to practice
I am not scared anymore
This is me
Unapologetic and ready
No one can save you
May the galaxies fulfill its dreams upon all
I chose me
There has never been a better time to live than now
Zivule kamva lam aphupho afezeke
Ndembathe thongo lam sebendilandela
Vungama ngonyama yeHlathi amandla ndinawo
The rise of any phoenix is a revolution waiting to be set alight
I know the honour of truth now
Imithandazo kaMama ayizange yaphephuka
Isingqi sam sindikhomba nga phambili
Thula wena mlomo wam uyalazi ikusasalikuphathel’eni
Vuka sizukulwana sikaPhalo
The time is now
Kubo!Yo mchana
I can’t believe we here
A few months ago, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it
I felt like I had nothing left to give
Yo, like I was running on empty
Kunzima nokuvuka
Crying myself to sleep
Blaming music, for breaking my heart
When other people are trying to keep us apart
I had to face myself, and look back, and try and remember
Because I felt like, I don’t know, was this meant for me still?
But I had to remember why I chose it
I had to remember the vision
I had to remember the plan
But, I still have those days when I feel like I’m not enough
And I’m not strong enough
And I feel alone
But then I realize
I look at the world, and I realize I’m not the only one

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