Samsong - Count Your Blessings Lyrics

 Thank you for the life that you gave to us

Thank you for your will to guide us

Thank you for your word to direct us

Oh without a doubt you are the God for us

In the morning time; you are the dawn

In the evening time from dusk till dawn

We salute you 'cause you are the don

And for all the things you've done

A brand new life he gives

To my friends and family

Now am living in victory

Now misery is far from me

Bianule bianule (Come and see/hear)

Ife chukwu merem (What the Lord has done for ne)

Agama e Nye ya ekene (I will thank Him)

Agama si ya imela (I will extol your goodness)

I ask myself what kind of love is this?

You be blessing me now I live in bliss

Count my many blessing then I make the list

Oh, what an unending list

I take some time to reminisce

Of the many blessings I would have missed

If I didn't have you right in my mix

Thank your for loving me

House on a hill, Diamond rings

Golden beads that he gave to me

Life eternally, gave me everything

I be counting my blessing and that's for real

Imela Chineke (Thank you God)

Imela onye nwe m (Thank you our Creator)

Imela Chineke, Nna Imela o (Thank you God, I thank you)


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