Young Dolph & Key Glock - A Goat & A Dolphin Lyrics

 [Intro: Key Glock]

Glizock (Cldhrt)

(Let the band play) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah


[Verse 1: Key Glock]

Still on that gang shit, no lame shit, no, I can’t trust a thot

I’m paper chasin’, my bank big, you can tell just by these rocks

You know I pop shit, I talk shit, ’cause I gets a lot of guap

You know my neck and wrist is real water, yeah, Alkaline and Voss (Yeah)

Uh, money, money, money gettin’ taller and these choppas we got is the largest

Yeah, Mr. Glock, lil’ bitch, I’m the sergeant, you don’t really, really, really want problems

Nah, you don’t really, really, really want problems

Send you to the gates, nigga, motherfuck a doctor

Choppas on choppas, you don’t wanna get chopped up

Who is that? Yeah, it’s a goat and a dolphin, uh

[Verse 2: Young Dolph & Key Glock]

Choppas on choppas, yeah

Choppas on choppas on choppas on choppas (Fire)

Smoke like a Rasta (Yeah), my bitch ass fat and so if my pockets (Yeah)

Everybody know (What?), I keep a bankroll on me and a rocket (Uh)

Ain’t no leg, no (Uh-uh), I’m aimin’ straight at your motherfuckin’ noggin (Fire)

(Yeah, yeah) no innocent bystanders, I hit my target (Got ’em)

Keep a chopper in the closet (Uh)

I brought my fire in the party (Uh)

Wear Chrome Heart like Ed Hardy (Damn)

Promethazine, it got me nodding’ (Damn)

Baby look just like a goddess (Bad)

But I don’t give a fuck ’cause I’m heartless, yeah, yeah (The fuck?)

[Verse 3: Key Glock]

Uh, I’ll never change ’cause I’m just too solid (Yeah)

Stuck in my ways, got a pistol in the party (Yeah)

Dumb, dumb money, I’m goin’ retarded

I’m havin’ my way and they say I’m toxic

I’m straight off the block, I ain’t never had a wallet (Uh)

Two straps on me, yeah, Drake and Josh

Ayy, shout-out to my opps

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, middle fingers to the cops (Yeah)

These niggas hatin’ on the kid (What?), tell these niggas stop (Yeah)

I told my teacher, “When I grow up, I wanna be like Glock”

Now it’s a couple years later, bitch, look at your boy

I just pulled up in that Lambo truck, then lift up my door

Bitch, I get that dough, I get that dough, I can’t get annulled

These bitches and these haters know what’s up, yeah, they know it’s us (Glizock)

I be throwin’ bullets just like Brady, come and catch a slug

[Verse 4: Young Dolph]

Throwin’ bullets just like Brady, throwin’ bullets just like Brady

Fry your ass like some bacon, fry your ass just like some bacon

Seen him on the E-way, flipped him, now I don’t think he gon’ make it

Naw I ain’t the type of nigga to ask for shit ’cause I’ma take it

In my spizot, countin’ mula, bitches walkin’ around naked

Remember I used to share my clothes with my cousin, I used to hate it (Damn)

I went and found me a plug (Run it up), motherfuck that paycheck (Fuck all that)

Everyday I wake up (What?), I’m like, “Where that cake at?”


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