BONES & Deergod - Clickin Lyrics

[Verse 1: BONES]
Tryna get my pockets swole, my boy he called me up and said
“BONES we need you on the block, some busters need to see they grave”
I hopped out the bed and grabbed the dope that’s on my nightstand
Rolled one up and hopped inside the hoopty, I’ll be right there
Eyes red, ready to buck
Clickin’ off them evil blunts
Bitches acting super tough ’til they see me steppin’ up
Me, I hit the corner oh-so hard my tire damn near popped
Thеn I saw my boy and saw them pussies that was talkin’ hot
Threw that bitch in park and hoppеd out clickin’, let the weapon spark
Then they got to running while I’m chasing, ’bout to peep the spot
Standing over his body, now he crying, shaking, something sweet
Slowly dying, I’m replying, “Time to meet the reaper, B”

[Bridge: BONES]
(Fuck around, get your head cracked) Psychopathic maniac
(Brains on the pavement) Once I pull it, ain’t no comin’ back
(Fuck around, get your head cracked) Psychopathic maniac
(Brains on the pavement) Once I pull it, ain’t no comin’ back

[Verse 2: BONES]
Mr. 2-11, comin’ straight up out the morgue, ho’
Stick you for everything you own, but problem is I need more, ho’
Damn motherfucker tried to play me for a plug, bitch
I pull up with demons every night and watch ’em dump clips
Pull up when the block is hot (Hot)
Lookin’ for the cat don’t stop (Stop)
We need it done like the problem
I get it poppin’, whatever you want (What?)
Lookin’ at my face, don’t bother me
I would never try to go cry to me
I cannot give a fuck, bother the system up, bass in the trunk
But they’re bound to three

[Outro: BONES]
And it be like that, yeah, yeah
Bitch, it be like that, uh
Yeah, it be like that
What? Ayy, BONES
Deergod, SESH

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