Macka B - Suspicious Lyrics

Suspicious behaviour
What is the criteria?
(Must look suspicious)
Is it the way that you ac’?
Or, is it your colour?

[Verse 1]
I went to the garage
Something was wrong with my accelerator
They said they would fix it
“Leave it with us and come back later”

So, where shall I go now?
What shall I do?
Where shall I venture?

I’ll go to the centre
I’ll hop on a bus
I’ll have an adventure

Standin’ at the bus stop
Inna the winter
Inna December

Mi body a-shiver
Mi nose a-run
Mi spine a-quiver

Den two policemen
Were lookin’ at me like look at me like dey were in a temper
I know I’m not wanted
I’m sure if I was, I would a-remember

They got presumptuous
Situation lookin’ dangerous
I coulda been nervous
But inna di Father I’ma put mi trust
I coulda been serious
But me decide fi cool an’ never cuss

[?] catch the warm bus
Me seh, “Officer, yuh never had to make nuh fuss
Look how all the people started lookin’ at us
You asked me why I’m at the bus stop
It is obvious
Officer, I’m waiting for a bus”

Look suspicious
(Must look suspicious)
Must look suspicious
(Must look suspicious)

[Verse 2]
Through all the fuss
I missed the bus
And me seh, “Chyuh” an’ kiss mi teeth

A-walkin’ good fi’ me, it make me exercise mi feet
Me inna di driver seat an’ now me can [?]
And mi heart beat
I will go walkin’ down the street

I heard some people shoutin’ with some words I can’t repeat
I was not doin’ not’in’ so I went to take a peek
In the entrance of a shop I saw four people in a heap
At the bottom was a black youth so crush he couldn’t speak

The man upon the top a-tell the crowd they catch a thief
A citizen’s arrest; a-dem a-wait for the police
Her roughin’ up the youth she got an elbow in I teeth
When out drop the youth’s receipt

The shopkeeper said it wasn’t that Black youth there
He bought his merchandise fair and square
Yuh make the thief get away, yuh make the thief get clear
It was that white youth with the blond hair

Must look suspicious
(Must look suspicious)
We must look suspicious
(Must look suspicious)
[Verse 3]
Some mothers are Black; that is true
But don’t you know that white people mug people, too?
[?] mug [?] in the loo
A Chinese mugger mug you with a bit a’ kung fu

Mugger every race, every colour, every hue
Mugger don’t got no colour; that is my point of view
They only want to blame it onna me and you

Chyuh, [?]
You know it not right
Associating colour with the crime
You know it not nice
But, you know it happens all the time

When I’m at the airport
They always seem to pick me out of line
They want my passport
They look at it and they can’t believe it’s mine

Where am I going? Where am I from?
What’s my flight, and what’s the time?
Concentrating on me
Forgetting [?] and [?]
[?] cigarettes and all the wine
And him gone [?]
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