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OluwaShalom - I Believe Lyrics

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Beaten bad and left to die, thought there's no more strength to fight
But today I see the light,
  there is hope for me
From these ashes I will rise,
Live my life above the lies
From within my spirit cries
There is hope for me
Cos I realize there's a reason why I am alive to see the sun rise today

 Yeah I believe/3ce  
 There is hope for me again  
 Yeah I believe/3ce  
 There is hope for me again Again
Like a stone that was rejected
Yet became the corner stone
This is not the end to me
There is hope for me
When the storm has come and gone
I'll be standing tall Cos when I'm weak, 
God in me is strong

I will not bow my head in shame
God has not given up on me
Tho I fall several times,
 I fall to the ground, 
and I'm buried in the sand,
 I will grow, 
I will thrive,
 I will rise, 
I will live,
I believe!

Yeah I believe,... There is hope for me again I believe yeah/2ce There is hope for me again. There is hope for me again again, again.


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