Owie Abutu - Learn to Prophesy Lyrics


Na the name way you call yoursef

Na im dem go call you

Na the way wey you think about your life

Na so you bi

Na you bi the number one prophet

over your life

Learn to prophesy

Speak the right words

Learn to prophesy

Death and life lies in your tongue

so, learn to prophesy

Learn to prophesy

Why you go dey talku say

You dey manage?

When your Papa be the president

of the heaven and the earth?

Silver and gold belong to Him

thousands of cattles on the hills

Belong to your Father

no dey talku say you dey manage

Some people dey even say, this ma sickness

All the men dem say, this my problem

No be your sickness, oh no, no be your problem

E don carry am go away for calvary... ohohoh!

Learn to prophesy (to yoursef, in the morning, noon and night)

Learn to prophesy (ooooh, uh oh, ohoh)

Learn to prophesy (talk to your body, you're healed of the Lord)

Learn to prophesy (talk to mind, you'll produce excellence)


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