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Drops In The Lake Lyrics – Lord Huron

I get by, but I’m tired of myself, and I doubt that I ever will find someone else
Lonely days fall like drops in the lake of our love
I just want it to be like it was
And I want you to be as you were long ago

I go down to the edge of the lake where I wait through the night for the dawn light to break
Memories of yore crash like waves on the shore of my mind
And I pray that the stars will align
I just want us to be who we were long ago

I just want what was
How I yearn for the years we were young and in love

I get by, but it’s hard to forget in the smoke of denial and the fog of regret
Dismal and darksome like clouds in the sky of my soul
And I hear thunder roll

I look up at the uncaring sky with a prayer on my lips and a tear in my eye
Oh, how the heart burns like fire in the light of the moon
I just hope you’ll be comin’ back soon

You’re my long-lost love
Can we wind back the wheels to the way that it was?


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