Ivan B - Happy Feels Lyrics

Man I love this life? it's all I'm for?
Love all my friends, and I love this girl
She's got a heart of diamond, and her eyes like pearls
Gotta take her with me, when I tour the world
So gimme a little bit more time
Hit it with a verse, so dope, so prime?
Made up horrible lines, everytime I rhyme
Just to make ya feel happiness inside?
We just believe in dream
Gotta work pristine
Gotta make the scene
Maybe make some green
Remember who you are before you get what you want
But what we get, can change when summer's gone
So we work on the crack til' dawn
Up in the booth, til they say we're on
Making moves, like I took your pawn
Just spit the truth, then I'm up and gone
I can learn a bit about how to give and take
We just making music just to make you smile
One day soon, it'll all be worth while
Touring every country, every city, every state
Gotta get it right now, no time to hesitate
We just living the dream, just a couple of fiends
Steven Spielberg the way I'm hitting the scene
"Heading for the top," yeah whatever that means
Do it cause you love it, that's what happiness means
People mess up, like "Man, I hate this."
But mistakes really builds up, greatness
Tido sending me beats, like "bake this,"
Jimmy High, Yeah, I'm feeling so weightless
For now let all the music vibe
Got the best fans, and they all world-wide
See you all soon, and we'll have a good time
Give you all the Happy Feels inside


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