Dave East & Harry Fraud - Go Off Lyrics

[Intro: Dave East]
[?] your eyes
Morning comes I’ll be gone [?]
La Musica de Harry Fraud

[Verse 1: Dave East]
Niggas don’t want me to go off (Go off)
Yola on us, got the blow off (Blow off)
Smokin’, stressin’, you had blow up (Blow up)
Now I’m gettin’ head watchin’ Ozark (Woo)
Addicted to lean, I would pour up (Pour up)
You run up on me, it’s gon’ go up (Boom)
Dirty niggas, we had no bucks (None)
Now we travel the world, fuck the globe up (Vroom)
It’s hard to be sober (Uh)
Started with four and a baby, not talkin’ no strollin’
We don’t do no snitchin’ (None)
I stay away from the witness, that’s why I don’t talk to Jehovah (Bomb)
I’m ’bout to bubble like powder and soda
I got a problem, don’t know how to control it
Ran out of bullets, I gotta reload it
She looked at my chain, now she gotta be hopin’
You gotta be rollin’
Really came up in the trap
Figured I’d get rich off this rap
Let a bad bitch roll a blunt in the front
A stick in the back, lost it, I’ma get it back
Now when I get it, I stash it (Uh)
I go to Texas, they treat a nigga like a Maverick
Go to the Chi, they treat me like a bull
Still tryna eat, nigga, I was full

[Chorus: G Herbo]
Go off (Go off)
They wanna see me go off (Go off, nigga)
These niggas playin’, go off (Swervo)
Baby, you can’t go off
I get in my mode, go off (Go off)
I got the code, go off (Go off)
I got it sold, go off (I got it sold, go off, nigga)
These niggas old, go off (Go off, nigga)

[Verse 2: G Herbo]
I just wanna make it home, so I’ma take the chrome
I’ma go the longer route, don’t wanna make it known
See, I’ma take the stronger route, don’t wanna fake with homes
Been at wars, only way get out, you gotta take it on
All my people leanin’ right on me, they know my bread long
Take advantage of it even though they know that’s dead wrong
Why I pay them cash? I ain’t takin’ bribes, hell no
Take a million pics, don’t know who fit or not, my head on
Suck a million dicks, don’t owe no nigga shit, my mans gone
And the ones who here already rich, or already damn near on some shit
My brother always ridin’ foreign, can’t be on point for when he switch (Ooh)
If a nigga ain’t gon’ come ’round, he’ll come ’round ’cause he bitch
When I talk it’s serious, that’s what it is, steel right by my rib
Have a u-turn, got a chopper now, I’m still right by my crib
I ain’t never told a fib, and we ain’t never blow at kids (Uh-huh)
I know how to run it up so much, I never noticed his (Uh-huh)

[Chorus: G Herbo]
Go off (Go off)
They wanna see me go off (They wanna see me go off, nigga)
These niggas playin’, go off (These niggas playin’, go off)
Baby, you can’t go off (Baby, you can’t go off)
I get in my mode, go off (Go off)
I got the code, go off (Go off)
I got it sold, go off (I got it sold, go off)
These niggas old, go off (Go off, nigga)
These niggas hoes, go off (Go off, nigga)
Ayy, that’s my lil’ soldier, go off (Go off)
I thought I told you, go off (Go off)
Don’t let ’em hold you, go off (Go off)
You doin’ it right, go off (Go off)
Only one life, go off (Go off)
This might be your night, go off (Go off)
I [?] with a life, go off (Go off)

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