G Herbo - Stand the Rain Lyrics

You can turn, turn the headphones up though some more
Like, leave my vocals like that, let’s get it
Yeah, ayy

[Verse 1]
I need paper like I’m Hov, I need thirty before thirty
Need mercy on my soul
Made the Thirty Under Thirty (Forbes)
I made a teardrop in my robes
Came from shit, we came from hits
I made it back, dirt on my clothes
Now I’m here, 2018, shit was different, what a year
2019, it was tough, but I’m like, “Fuck it, it’s in the rear”
2020, COVID hit and I’m just gettin’ shit in gears
I ain’t even reach all my goals and I’m still shittin’ on my peers
I ain’t even see my potential, I’m still tryna face my fears
Feel that music in my heart soon as I hear it in my ears
I don’t wanna go and turn the clubs up, I handle biz
Big bro told me not to grab the Maybach truck, pull up in his
2021 sedan, two-hundred grand, yeah, I did (Four door)
Said I wasn’t gon’ buy shit no more
Really, that bih for my bro though
Pullin’ from me, what you put into me
Won’t get nothin’, no more
I can’t go broke, that’s a no-go
Make that paper jump like pogo
Only Trackhawk in L.A. this color, act like that’s the low-low
Still up in my shit, solo
Pull up, shoot some shit from logo (Brr)
Tryna flex for likes, you in a strike or stupid, that’s a store low
Play with me, I’m seein’ rojo
Pussy, I’m in go-mode

Ayy, can you stand the rain? (Can you stand the rain?)
I can stand the rain (I can stand the rain)
Used to stand in the rain (Used to stand in the rain)
I can stand the rain (I can stand the rain)
Used to stand in the rain (Stand in the rain)
Can you stand the rain? (Can you stand the rain?)
Used to stand in the rain (Stand in the rain)
I can stand the rain

[Verse 2]
Ayy, used to stay in the rain
After Francis Lane, we standin’ the pain
I was filled with anger, homie got banged for sayin’ my name
Let his thirty flame, ain’t changed, stood up for his gang
Then his mans blew out his brain, he snitched a dirty game
Left-handed, grip it firm and I got sturdy aim
Glizzy with mixed personalities, got thirty names
Pop out like I’m Mr. T, I got on thirty chains
Bent the Lamb’ truck rims, it cost me thirty-K
Missin’ family, reminiscin’ ’bout them early days
Fuck G Herbo, they just listenin’ to what Herbie say
I ain’t really give a fuck though at my early ages
Got too many in them pearly gates and scary cages
If you know, you know, I went through phases, different stages
Broad day, had guns blazin’ with the bravest, for real
Seen action like a movie but that shit was real
Then bein’ too courageous got my nigga killed

Damn, if only I had Max and See Money
That’s why I got that big ass Max around my neck
That’s I got that “See Money Green,” track, ho
That’s why I got a “See Money Green” Rollex anniversary
But really, though, this shit in me
That’s why I’m Super Savage to the max
I had to think about it, you know, I had to humble myself
But then again, I am what I am
I gotta stay brave, I gotta stay on it
‘Cause I know the universe ain’t gonna have lead way on me
And that’s just all off real life and situations, and shit I been through, you know?
I’m only twenty-five but I feel like I’ve lived ten life times
And there’s no coincidence
A nigga really with the shit
I look at my niggas and I look at my niggas’ kids
And I look at my kid, and I see so much of us in them
So that’s why I be tryna, like change the cycle
But a lot of this shit meant
We just gotta learn to control it as best as we can, you know?
G Herbo


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