Lucky Daye – On Read with Tiana Major9 Lyrics

Baby, call me
We’ve been off, way off track
You don’t hit me back when I need you
Making me weak
What, you gon’ make me beg?
I’d get on my knees if that’d please you
Chat it up
You ain’t gon’ find, how you gonna find a nigga like me, babe?
Show me a sign that you could be mine, I’m looking for a little leeway
I’m in the back corner where you left off ’cause you got me on freeze, baby (Freeze)
I’m checking the log and you ain’t involved
I can’t take it

‘Cause you left me on read (On read)
I’ve been waiting all day (Baby, baby)
Got me all in my head (Ooh, ooh)
Everything that we said (Everything you said)
Can we just take our time? (Yeah, yeah)
And you can have some of mine (You, you, ooh-ooh)
But you ain’t made up your mind (Ooh, ooh)
You keep me waiting
You keep me waiting all night
(All night)
Yeah, ayy-ayy, eee
Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, ooh-ooh
(All night)
Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy

This ain’t no fun
You love the back and forth
Never back your chat with your actions
I ain’t the one
Baby, I’m so headstrong
It’s your lucky day if I answer, oh, ooh-woah (Ooh-woah)
You ain’t gon’ find the sort of reply you’re wanting to get out of me, bae
How many times are you gonna try?
I’m waiting for you to leave it
Blue ticks, sign off, know you want more out of me, bae
Checking your log, I ain’t involved
Know you can’t take it, yeah, yeah

Yeah, I left you on read (Left you on read)
Have you waiting all day
But you was all in your head (Head, yeah)
You deserve what I said (Said, yeah)
Are you wasting my time? (Wasting our time)
You can’t have none of mine (Mine)
Yeah, I’ve made up my mind (Mind)
I’ll have you waiting
I’ll keep you waiting all night (Yeah, ee, yeah)
(All night)
Ooh-ooh, oh, oh-oh, ayy, ayy-ayy
(All night)
Ooh, ooh, yeah, ayy-ayy, uh

How you expect me to sleep?
Like a fiend, sunsets on my needs
You playin’, I’m in a fog
Ain’t no half, I give all
Ain’t no loss when involved
I pause when you call
Hmm, I’m stalled
Yeah, round of applause
So back to my room I go
I anticipate the same M.O
Faithful to the flow
“Faithful” is under the rug
Where it floods

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