Wiki - Lil Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My wife tell me got a paper for my flight
Do it for a second for a sight
Do it just to make it through the night
I massage, menage
Hit it while my fingers in it out of sight
Thinkin that I'm little at this height
I'm bigger cause I'm bright
Words speak volumes I'm riddling it right
Y'all can't even fiddle with the mic
Half the kids today's out need Ritalin to write
Are you kiddin? I'ma get 'em when it's right
Gotta wait for the right time
I got more shit to do with my lifetime
I got more shit to do, I got more shit to do
If it ain't y'all then the city know me
In the train, in the park, on the ave, in the street
But tell me though what does that mean?
It's a great wide world, it's just little old me
It's just little old me baby

It's just little old me, baby
It's just little old me
If it ain't y'all then the city know me
In the train, in the park, on the ave, in the street

[Verse 2]
We the mutts that just sit and smoke blunts
Sittin' on top the stoop thinkin' who really run the city, that's me
Still getting with [?] doin the shit that we need
I don't get it man
Tryin do me til I'm deaded man
Always was a little kid and I will literally
Do anything [?] to get a hit of that weed
[?] let the liquor pour, [?]
Sip while liver yellin' "What, you tryna kill me?"
Well I'm tryna kill y'all
Liver tryna take me down with it
Gettin used to the thought
When I'm feelin shitty tryna get juiced [?]
Gotta value my life
Gotta wife down home so I gotta be a God
Gotta be a grown ass man with a job


[Verse 3]
Every single day I bust off
Spit the type of shit on a ship make a cat get chucked off
Every day is sucked off
Even when my luck's off
Even when I'm stuck soft
How I'm supposed to trust y'all
When choose a couple lines of meanin up out my rhymes man must y'all
Just take it by how you feel it and how you see it right now
Thus far
I ain't never think that thought sub-par
I ain't never think that thought
Gotta blink think that thought
Tryna train with my girl, tryna paint
But I can't get caught
Take that chance, have a set, gotta break that glance on God
My wifey ain't a thot, she my one, she my rock
Tryna put a ring on her, get married in the park for a start
They ain't wan' see
Tryna put a baby in her, make a lil old me
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