XXL Freshmen 2021 Cypher – Part 2 Lyrics

[Intro: Blxst]
Hahahaha (Yeah)
Nick, you're stupid

[Verse 1: Blxst & Toosii]
Watch me go freshman, the GOAT (Yeah)
Can't do nothin' less than the most (Gang)
Must be depressing, I know
Watchin' my blessings approach, but who apply pressure the most? (Yeah)
Yeah, kept it consistent, you couldn't have missed it
I'm all in your mentions and post
XXL been treating me well
I might get a varsity coat
It was too hard to be broke
But I might make 'em sick if they saw what we grossed
Humble forever, that's part of my oath
Only the gang get a part of my loaf
Westside, I gave the hеart to my coast
Jump off the porch and they gave mе the torch
Two places I won't go back, of course
That's broke and that's forth (Yeah)
This for the times they ain't shown no remorse
Hundred percent, I'm eagle-endorsed
Good with the killers, I'm good with the dorks
They just say: "Blxst, get yo' foot in the door"
Foot on yo' neck if you not givin' yours
Yeah, I came for seconds and more
Ran up a check, baby, I got a charge
So double my X's, I'm doin' it large forever
[Verse 2: Toosii & Blxst]
Ayy, she lovely
Man, I miss it when she fuck me, uh
Smellin' like a rose, suckin' on her toes
Somethin' 'bout it just disgust me, uh
Cheated like Madonna, I get what she wanna
Never use a condom, we don't need it
I go deeper, I go deeper, I know that it's lethal
All you hear is heavy breathin'
How you doin', Ms. Parker?
This the wrong tree where I bark her
I turn a grown woman to a stalker
Want a young nigga, that's gon' cost ya
I mean, a pretty penny won't be out yo' titty
Take four rides through the city, yeah (Yeah)
Never been a bum, I come from the slums
You don't like 'em how [?], huh?
Park a ride on the set, uh
Need somebody who could vent
I take your pain away like a Percocet
Perc' milligram, [?]
You can try to work it off, you've been workin' out
Know I seen lady in the gym
I ain't Mike Phelps but I'm tryna swim
I don't want kids, but I give you twins, you know?
Damn, miss lady
You the type I can't stand, miss lady
You got me outside yo' house
Like one of them crazy feds, miss lady
If I can't love you, I know somethin'
That I can do, maybe
If I can't love you, I know somethin'
That I can do
Say Ms. Parker
My future bright, past darker
Yeah, you give me summer vibes
And yo' ass move when you walkin'
Shoulda told you proceed with caution
Know I'm young, but I hang with the bosses
And somebody like you
Ain't sum' that me and Blxst see too often
Say, butterflies, you make me nauseous
You done shown me where the arches (Yeah)
You done shown me how to- uh
Where to put my- uh, at when you archin' (Yeah)
You're the first one that I told
My cousin finally came out the closet
You the one that told me never love him different
Shit, I won't, but damn, that was bullshit
Ms. Parker
Could you heal my pain, Ms. Parker?
I don't know how long
That a nigga tryna be in the game, Ms. Parker
You get me devilish, but you Heaven-sent
When you put it on me, catch the Holy Ghost
We got somethin' special, what we got
Goin' on, but nobody know
[Outro: Blxst]
Ayy, gang, gang
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