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​Blackbear - Misery Lake (2021) Full zip EP Download


​Blackbear - Misery Lake (2021)

Misery Lake (2021) 

misery lake is the seventh EP from blackbear, arriving almost exactly a year after the release of his previous project and fifth studio album, everything means nothing.

The EP was first mentioned in a tweet from blackbear on March 23, 2021, though the release date wasn’t announced until July 8th when blackbear announced July 23rd as the project’s release date. Due to blackbear’s change of record labels, the project was eventually pushed back to August 13th.

Misery Lake Track list

  1. Bad Day
  2. Imu
  3. Ghost Town
  4. U love u
  5. @ my worst
  6. Alone in The Room

About blackbear

blackbear is the stage name of LA-based producer and singer-songwriter Mat Musto, popularly known for co-writing Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” in 2012. Some of his first collaborations were with the likes of Pharrell Williams, MGK, and Childish Gambino. Later, Musto reinvented himself—he coined the name blackbear from a previous EP titled Year of the Blackbear. Under his new name, he started leaning more towards rapping and an R&B-oriented style.

His first mixtape Sex included collaborations with his peers James Blake, Maejor Ali, and “Boyfriend” co-writer Mike Posner. The Afterglow followed in 2014.

In 2015, blackbear released “idfc,” as the lead single from his debut album Deadroses. It increased his fan following and revenue, earning him millions of playback streams and a spot on Billboard’s Uncharted List of Undiscovered and Upcoming Artists. The second single, “90210,” included a feature from G-Eazy—blackbear made an appearance in his 2014 track, “Remember You.”

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