Lil Yachty - Lord of the Beans Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Yachty]
I’ma pop up, mm
I’ma pop up, sixty, uh, uh

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
I’ma up two hundred racks just because I can
Fuckin’ up a sack with this sack ’cause a nigga can
I’ma put a dub on your mans if I don’t like his look
Beatin’ up that pussy, hit that shit with an uppercut (Go)
Ten cold chains on my neck, like I’m King Tut
Walkin’ ’round this bitch, tight shirt with a lean gut (Grrt)
Fuckin’ on this bitch, kinda ugly, but her booty big
Nigga cannot talk to me wrong, fuck who he is (Damn)
Concrete boys thirty piece like I’m Ludacris (Damn)
Tight flow, sippin’ on Wock’ in a poncho (Ooh)
Not Quavo, but I’m still the head honcho (Yeah)
Gettin’ some top from this bitch with a monster throat
Iced out in New York, below freezin’, 30K coat (Grrt)
Nigga wanna rock with the boys, gotta {?}
Let me get this right, niggas mad that I fucked they ho? (Go)
50K cash to Elon Musk for a Tesla quote

[Verse 2: DC2Trill]
Invite that bitch straight to the mansion just to use her throat (Phew)
I’m on a PJ gettin’ high, you don’t know how that go (Damn)
How thе fuck that bitch say I wifed her up? I passed hеr to the bro
Why the fuck you always gettin’ high with nowhere to go? (Uh)
Yes, I stay with blue strips, but I’m not a loc (Yeah)
Peter, Piper, Pepper, I can never kept her (Phew)
Came here strictly for the cash, not the lecture (Yeah)
Lil’ bitch pickin’ up my cup, I’m like, “Hold on” (Yeah)
Feel somethin’ like the Hot Boyz, I get my roll on
Tonka truck, fill with the gas, he finna bag it in
Like, the streetlights came on, I’m finna get it in
Yeah, this ho cool, but I’m tryna fuck her friend (Yeah)
I’m on an island like Ja Rule, we gettin’ lit again
Bet a hundred she get a burger, not no Benihana
Lean dumper, the rap slow, then the fiends comin’
Give me the ball, I’ll do great, got a mean jumper

[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
Bitch came in demanding dick, she’s a mean woman (Hmm)
Late night, eyes wide open like I seen somethin’ (Seen)
I’ll take her to the back and get to bustin, bustin’
Told her think again before she think I’m the one to put trust in (Go)
Woke up inside a bitch I had and started louded cussin’
Should have checked her face, but ass was fat, so it was all Gucci
All this ice around my neck and Kristi Yamaguchi
Shipped the bag, it wasn’t za, I told that nigga, “Sue me” (Don’t)
Italian ice mixed with the Wock’, I’m finna make a smoothie (Yeah)
Yeah, that brothers starvin’, that’s my favorite movie (Go)
Walk around with sixty-sixties to Legends Jewelry (Swing)
Gun on my hip, I guess that’s why they think I’m Lil Uzi
Prayin’ clips and now we makin’ movies, let’s get straight to it
Lord of the Beans
Gave this bitch a G6 and now she got wings

[Verse 4: DC2Trill]
I don’t worry ’bout these niggas, I just do my thing
I’m on vacation up in Kingston, pour my drink in ting
I’ma fuck this lil’ bitch, I’m on to better things
God damn, she too geeked up, she done took a bean
Mhm, came in this bitch with some rich fiends
Lil’ mama, you know you broke as fuck, so why you talk to me?
Me and Cousin Skeeter on a boat, we’re tryna catch some things
I made my life a dream just like Doctor King
Me and Boat got twin rings, nigga, bling, bling
I’m finna get Mei Ling a flight straight from Beijing
I got red put up, that shit aging
Perkies for the party, lean for the party
Drank Baby voice, I’m high, Carti
I’ll paint a nigga with a SIG just like an artist
Vroom, don’t be alarmed, this Hellcat getting started

[Outro: DC2Trill]


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