$UICIDEBOY$ - Forget It Lyrics

[Intro: Anthony Mars]
Pull the trigger, Budd Dwyer, hahaha
See you for a minute…

[Verse 1: Anthony Mars]
I just wanna see you for a minute
My mind’s been lost for a minute
For a minute, for a minute
Can’t tell you what’s going on
Don’t know what I’m feeling
Money comes and goes
Save a few, spend a few
Every time I go to sleep I dream of you
Every time I close my eyes I just see you
Inside of my heart
I been falling through
Rehab after rehab
Come home just to relapse
If it was a choice all these drugs would be through
But it’s just so much deeper
Carry too much baggage on my people
Even though I love you
Fill the void
Even though I love you
Smile at my casket
I’m at peace at my death and I know it’s just another sad song
May or may not sing along
And I know it’s just another sad song
May or may not sing along
I’m not living life this way
I don’t care about the fame
I don’t care about the pain
I just wanna see you for a minute
Baby, I’m sorry that I’m finished

[Verse 2: Norman Atomic]
Don’t know why you left
(H-E-R-O-I-N, H-E-R-O-I-N-E)
But you always come back so I’ll give you back whatever is left in my chest
(N-O H-E-A-R-T, N-O H-E-A-R-T)
Probably go broke giving into false hope
Choking from the vomit in my throat, I was too knocked out to notice
Overdose into a comatose, it seems to be my fucking slogan
I’m fucking broken
I’m fucking broken again
And I know never to forget
My foes, my friends, are the same in the end
I hope I regret leaving both when I am dead
All of the money and fame
Are only fleeting ways to counteract my shame
All the drugs and bitches that I gain
Are only fleeting ways to counteract my shame, I’m so lame (What?)
Every day is the same (Is the same), I’m going insane (Going insane)
And nothing ever changes, I hate it, I gotta get out my own way
Find a better way, find a better way

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