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Amazing Grace Hymn by John Newton

Amazing Grace

John Newton

<D>Amazing <D7>grace! How <G>sweet the <D>sound
that <Bm>saved a wretch like <A7>me!
I <D>once was <D7>lost, but <G>now am <D>found;
was <Bm>blind, but <A7>now I <D>see.

'Twas <D>grace that <D7>taught my <G>heart to <D>fear,
and grace my <Bm>fears <A7>relieved;
how <D>precious <D7>did that <G>grace <D>appear
the <Bm>hour I <A7>first <D>believed.

Through <D>many <D7>dangers, <G>toils, and <D>snares,
I <Bm>have already <A7>come;
'tis <D>grace <D7>hath brought me <G>safe thus <D>far,
and <Bm>grace will <A7>lead me <D>home.

The <D>Lord has <D7>promised <G>good to <D>me,
his word my <Bm>hope <A7>secures;
he <D>will my <D7>shield and <G>portion <D>be,
as <Bm>long as <A>life <D>endures.

Yea, <D>when this <D7>flesh and <G>heart shall <D>fail,
and <Bm>mortal life shall <A7>cease,
I <D>shall <D7>possess, <G>within the <D>veil,
a <Bm>life of <A>joy and <D>peace.

When <D>we've <D7>been there ten <G>thousand <D>years,
bright <Bm>shining as the <A7>sun,
we've <D>no less <D7>days to sing <G>God's <D>praise
than <Bm>when we <A>first <D>begun.


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