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Battle Hymn Of The Republic by Julia Ward Howe

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Julia Ward Howe

Mine <G>Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord;
He Is <C>Trampling Out The Vintage Where The <G>Grapes Of Wrath Are <D7>Stored
He Hath <G>Loosed The Fateful Lightning Of His <G>Te<B>rrible Swift <Em>Sword
His <A>Truth Is <D7>Marching <G>On

<G>Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, <C>Glory, Glory Hallelu<G>jah,
<G>Glory, Glory, Hallelu<Em>jah, His <Am>Truth Is <D7>Marching <G>On.

I <G>Have Seen Him In The Watch-fires Of A Hundred Circling Camps;
They Have <C>Built Him An Altar In The <G>Evening Dews And <D7>Damps;
I Can <G>Read His Righteous Sentence By His <G>Dim And <B>Flaring <Em>Lamps;
His <Am>Truth Is <D7>Marching <G>On

In <G>The Beauty Of The Lilies Christ Was Born Across The Sea.
With A <C>Glory In His Bosom That Trans<G>figures You And <D7>Me;
As He <G>Died To Make Men Holy Let Us <G>Die To <B>Make Men <Em>Free;
His <Am>Truth Is <D7>Marching <G>On


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