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Blessed Assurance Hymn by Fanny Crosby

Blessed Assurance

Fanny Crosby

<A>Blessed <A>assurance, <D>Jesus is <A>mine!
<A>O what a <F#>fore<B>taste of <E>glory di<E7>vine!
<E7>Heir of sal<A>vation, <D>purchase of <A>God,
<A>born of his <D>Spirit, <E>washed in his <A>blood.

<A>This is my story, <D>this is my <A>song,
<A>praising my Sa<F#>vior <B>all the <E>day <E7>long;
<E7>this is my <A>story, <D>this is my <A>song,
<A>praising my <A>Sa<E>vior all the day <A>long.

<A>Perfect <A>submission, <D>perfect <A>delight,
<A>visions of rap<F#>ture <B>now burst <E>on my <E7>sight;
<E7>angels des<A>cending <D>bring from a<A>bove
<A>echoes of mer<D>cy, <E>whispers of <A>love.

<A>Perfect <A>submission, <D>all is at <A>rest;
<A>I in my <F#>Sa<B>vior am happy <E>and <E7>blest,
<E7>watching <A>and waiting, <D>looking a<A>bove,
<A>filled with his <D>goodness, <E>lost in his <A>love.


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