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Bow Down Thine Ear Hymn

Bow Down Thine Ear

Bow down Thine ear, O Lord, please hear me.
I am poor; Thy care I crave.
Preserve my soul, for I show mercy;
O my God, Thy servant save.
Be merciful to me, O Father;
Unto Thee I daily cry.
Make glad my soul, I am Thy servant;
Lift my heart to Thee on high.

Thou'rt good, and ready to forgive me.
Those that call upon Thee find
That plenteous are Thy tender mercies;
Thou art holy, just, and kind.
O Lord, give ear unto my pleadings,
And attend unto my prayer!
In day of trouble, I will call Thee;
Thou wilt give me answer there.

Among the gods there is none like Thee;
Other works have not Thy fame.
All nations Thou hast made shall worship
Thee and glorify Thy name,
For Thou art great and doest wonders-
Only Thou art God alone.
Thy way teach to Thy humble servant,
All Thy truth I henceforth own.

Unite my heart to fear Thy name, Lord.
All my soul brings praise to Thee.
The mercy Thou hast shown unto me
Fills my thoughts; Thy love I see.
O Lord, my God, with all my being
Will I praise Thy glorious name.
Thou hast delivered me from bondage-
Holy praise: my highest aim.


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