Aminé – Mad Funny Freestyle Lyrics

Mad Funny Freestyle Lyrics – Aminé

It’s a plane it’s a bird it’s a God

Last year y’all was actin mad funny
This year you want all the cash money
I gotta go get the bag homie
Talkin but they keepin’ tabs on me

I said B-I-G
I’m a big big deal
Crawlin’ on the floor she a Navy seal
I can’t do the bubbly
Ima sip the still
Got a free facial cause we us
We gettin Jordan Peels

Fuck her
Love her
Never cuff her
I’m a cold motherfucker
From the town
Dick her down
Give it to her like no other
Bust a window
Bust it in the
Eat that pussy up for dinner
Beat it up then eat it up
She cancel plans for me to fuck

We finna make babies tonight (goo goo ga ga)
Fuckin all these bitches all up out their chanclas
Mommy disappointed cause she want sarah
I’m the African Darth Vader baby I’m your fada

It’s my last night in new york let’s maybe link up after
I’m exhausted but a yerba’s all it takes to start this chapter
The roof filled with stars we yellin who the fuck is NASA
You bat your eyes so we fuckin at the after after, like

Last year y’all was actin mad funny


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