D-Block Europe - Blood Diamonds Lyrics

[Intro: Young Adz]
The bando, don't ask me why I'm cold
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Richard Mille with the ice
APs, Rollies, got them all, we won

[Chorus: Young Adz]
Covered the Richard Mille in blood diamonds (Diamonds)
Young nigga got it from the mud (Got it from the mud)
Seen so much pain and I'm still smilin' (Smilin')
I greet my killers all with hugs (All with hugs)
And I knew ever since the first time
The first time I saw you, I knew you the one (I knew you the one)
Young rich nigga, I still serve with the blick
Just observe, but this money turn me on

[Verse 1: Young Adz]
Yeah, my nigga shot somethin' on the 5th, came out on the 31st
Dirty game, no rulеs, but I promise, I'll stick to my word
Fresh white Nikе Airs, baggin' up a dirty bird
Serve the [?] game cold, they will get what they deserve
Please, yeah, I tell her "Get low", she gon' drop to her knees
She studying law, ain't no doctor degree
I'm whippin' the work and I make that shit look real ease
I'm fully aware that you held me down when I was sick
I'm man enough to admit my love is toxic


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