D-Block Europe ft. Young Adz - Make You Smile Lyrics

Verse 1: Young Adz]
I pull up in the middle of the night
Darlin', I don't wanna see you cry, yeah
Nanny prayin' for me, I’m fine
Told her I’ma be alright, yeah
Maybe it's all me, or maybe it's all you
Let's take a trip overseas
Love each other how we supposed to

[Chorus: Young Adz]
No tantrums, girl, no tantrums
I'm in the Shangri-La with a hand ting
Drug dealers, and killers, and the mandem
Wanna make you smile, take you out
Like my lady with melanin, yeah
Big MAC-10, clap ten of them, yeah
Big Rolls-Royce truck to make an impression, them guys irrelevant, yеah
You can take all my love
Ain't no line that I won't cross just to makе you smile
Scary sometimes, but it’s fine
I'll walk the mile, and swim across sea to make you smile

[Verse 2: Dirtbike LB]
I came on a madness, I'ma slide with my lady in Atlantis
And I dive in the pool with the ice on my arm, that's a waterproof Patek
And my little nigga rich, I'ma show him how to ball like he played for the Mavericks
My lady attractive, that skin smooth with no tatts (Yeah)
There's drillers and drummers in here, mind the gap on the exit
They wait 'til you blow up then niggas appear but that is a death wish
You ain't sat in a room full of killers that's armed, this nigga's pretending (Pretending)
I walk with my heart, pray to Allah, that’s for my redemption


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