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Jason Walker - Movin' On Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You said you would be there for me
you said you would be there with me
and you looked me straight into my eyes
you said you never leave me
you do anything to keep me but everything you told me was a lie
but i was always there for you
and i was always there with you
the love i gave you know you can't deny
and now it's time for you to leave
i'll be one less girl to decieve
you couldn't change it even if you tried

Oh it's time for me to move on
oh it's time for me to let you go
i done been through this before and i ain't taking it no more
you gone have to be on your way
and there is nothing else left to say
cuz now i'm doing this thing my way
so goodbye, see you later, have a good day

[Verse 2]
You said you'd always love me
you'd place no one else above me
and i fell for it everytime you said you'd always do right
you'd be a good man in my life
had all these things runnin through my mind
i guess you thought you could fool me
i guess you thought you would use me
but i ain't falling for any more lies
i guess that it was my mistake
i didn't realize you was a fake
but i will just take it all in stride



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