Matthew West - Gobble Gobble Lyrics

Gobble Gobble Lyrics
There are so many songs about Christmas
The reindeer, the lights, and the gifts
We sing chestnuts are roasting and marshmallows toasting
And here comes old jolly Saint Nick
Now don’t get me wrong, I sure love all those songs
But one holiday gets left out
You see, no one remembers a song for November
But that’s gonna change starting now

Gobble gobble one, gobble gobble two
Gobble gobble me, gobble gobble you (listen to me now)
Gobble gobble three, gobblе gobble four
Gobble gobble plеase can I have some more?

Oh my my get that turkey in my belly
Oh my my with the cranberry jelly
Oh my my come on and sing it with me
Happy Thanksgiving!

I stick a straw in the gravy boat
I’mma eat a dozen dinner rolls
Stretchy pants on that’s how I roll
No judgement here, no judgement here

Grandpa’s passed out passing gas
But we got pumpkin candles burning just for that
Someone brought up politics now everybody’s mad
But you can’t be mad when the whole world’s singing


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