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Russ - Tsunami Lyrics

Yuh, I pay my dues and get paid for it too
The outcome of my input
Is my favorite view
I do the work of two and half men
Like Charlie Sheen
This is what you get
When you don't care about the party scene
So pardon me
If I don't really look amused
I'm just shootin for the masses
Like I'm tryna make the news
All this winning by myself
Got these labels all confused
I should do a deal with a Nike
Cuz these checks are comin soon
Am I the only one lifted?
The money ain't as fun
When you're the only one with it
I needa smaller table and a bigger fence
I see these leeches campin out
It's like they live in tents
I'm too advanced for your advances
Man I'm feelin godly
Russ is the wave
Nah Russ the tsunami
Te quieres casara conmigo
Yea they want me
This is for my Spanish girls in Brooklyn screaming papi

Everybody's in the same game
Different levels with it
Same hell
Different devils with it, yeah

Lemme tell you how my life feel
This past year has felt like a high light reel
I chew my beats
And I spit out anthems
If you wanna stand out gotta be outstanding
I know what I gotta do
To make my mom stop crying
Trying times doesn't mean it's time to stop trying
I'm flying with wings
That grew from leaps of faith
Feelin star struck every time I see my face
Oh that's crazy talk ain't it
I'm just gassed off my drive though
Whole album fire
I might call the shit pyro
I could go to Saudi
Make 20 racks a night
By the time this comes out
It's probably 5 times the price
5 mics use to mean something
Nowadays I don't give a fuck
About your magazine it means nothing
I change the world by example
Not by my words
I move around with a handful of people
That know they worth
Ain't no playin us
We were born to make a dent
We understand that there's way more to life
Than just paying rent
But speaking of rent
I think we bout to lose the house
Think they repoing the cars
Think we gotta sell the couch
Think they cuttin off the lights
Think they turnin off the water
And I'm still turnin down every single label offer

Top prospect
Projected high draft pick
I'm in my own league though
Own my own team though
Making hooks like lay ups
And verses like free throws
I beat the game and I ain't even use a cheat code

You hatin from the stands
I'm ballin out
Peep the seats though
Too young for this wisdom
Make them wanna check ID though
I been psychic
Motherfuckers doubted
I suggest you listen when I talk
And shut yo mouth it's
Very evident I know some shit you don't
What you gonna do if they don't send a boat
Better learn to swim lil guppy


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