Sonic Syndicate - Extinction - A Sinwar Quadrilogy: Misanthropic Coil Lyrics

Blasphemy in your eyes, spare me your pathetic lies
Sympathy I despise, just give me your chaos cries
One night he came to me and spoke the words of heresy
One day I will prevail, in other words your last day

You and I are living a lie
Sick of always denying
The omen will come true
And there's nothing you can do

My eyes were ablaze when exposed to your last prayers
My mind filled with hate slithering towards your gate
I'm the serpent that coils around your neck
Armed with the venom to ravage your fragile mind

Antichrist will arise and ignite your precious sky
Anarchy your demise, it was all never-ending lies
One boy we all will blame for what he at last became
This boy, a forbidden key to our own extinction


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