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10 Unique Beatboxer styles and Sounds

 Beatboxing is constantly evolving, each artist strives to bring something of his own, to be remembered with a special style, sounds. Sometimes you listen to new tracks and no doubt recognize their author. Catch a selection of ten beatboxers with a special style of performance.

Style is made up of many factors, such as: special sounds, ligaments, unusual techniques, beatings, combinations, compositions, accents. All this creates a special "signature" of each beatboxer.

Reeps one

Reeps one
Harry Eff / Reeps One (18 November 1989) is a professional beatboxer from England, a participant in many battles and beatboxing events, a UK beatbox champion, as well as an artist and chess player.

At the age of 14, Harry decided to associate himself with beatboxing, since it was not very good to play musical instruments. Growing up, he began to think about how to visualize beatboxing, and this is how he became acquainted with the cymatics that brought him fame.

Reeps One - Rattling My Chain

Since 2010, Harry has been developing a special beatboxing technique, which relied on a certain pronunciation of percussion sounds. He also carved such a multifaceted throat bass that they cannot repeat it. Combined with unusual technique and deep throaty bass, Reeps One has got the most unique style in the world of beatboxing, which will be easily defined by almost all beatboxers on the planet. We can say that Harry has been ahead of the perception and vision of beatbox for many years to come and set the bar high in terms of the quality of the final material.



Neil Patrick Meadows / Napom was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he discovered beatboxing in 2011 at age 16. He found that this art form allowed him to open new doors in music, and every day he continued to push his talent and ability to the next level. 

Napom has become a beatbox icon, teacher and staff performer who has inspired other musicians around the world. His style and deep bass amaze people all over the world. Now based in New York, Napom strives to push the boundaries of the human body and spread this art and culture around the world.

Napom - Bass Electro

Napom became known for the density, versatility, and fullness of his music. His unusual beats are complemented by powerful lip rolls that make his flow unique. Napom has won numerous battles worldwide as his playing style fits well into the mic and his low lip rolls create real sub-bass.


Dan Louis / D-Low is a professional beatboxer from England who has become famous for his special sounds and aggressive presentation in battles. Dan lives in the south-west of England, in the city of Swindon. Popularity came to him back in 2015 after an application for the world Grand Beatbox Battle, where he amazed everyone with his special sounds and unusual presentation, but he never got to the battle itself. In 2015 and 2018, he took part in the World Beatbox Battle Championship, but did not make it to the Top-16.

D-Low - Hip-Hop Freestyle Beatbox Insanity

D-Low became interested in beatboxers almost immediately after bidding for the 2015 World Championship, where he demonstrated unusual techniques and sounds. Confident presentation, a bunch of incomprehensible sounds, interesting combinations - all this creates the D-Low style. Dan does not stand still and continues to develop his style. For example, he squandered his Inward Bass into a crazy sound that's hard to replicate.


two h
Yeon Hong Ha / Two.H is a professional beatboxer from South Korea, a participant in various battles and events, has prizes and titles. He participated in the Grand Beatbox Battle in 2017, where he did not take any prizes, but in 2019 he re-entered the Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 (which has been postponed for now).

Two.H - Break It Down

Two.H knows how to feel music and rhythm very subtly. Each sound and bass is in the right place, creates a special beat structure, not like the previous one. Two.H has an ominous sounding bass in its arsenal, hence the name - Dino Bass.


Trung Bao is a visual artist, professional beatboxer from Vietnam, and is a member of the creative design studio Fustic. Trung Bao became famous for his unusual wildcards at the Grand Beatbox Battle. His applications have received millions of views. His girlfriend Chiwawa is also active in beatboxing and together they form the Bawa team.

Trung Bao - Lazer

Unusual flow, many special sounds, complex combinations and full-fledged compositions - this is all Trung Bao. The guy actively expands the scope of his style with even more complex sounds and techniques.


Rome / King Inertia is a professional beatboxer from Rhode Island (USA), who made a name for himself in the online community Teamspeak, later on numerous recordings on Beatbox Television and Swissbeatbox. King Inertia fought his first battle at the Boston Beatbox Battle in 2015, followed by the Midwest Beatbox Battle and the American Beatbox Championship.

King Inertia - Trap Science

King Inertia almost always uses Inward Bass in beats. Combined with musicality, his beatbox is very powerful. After listening to his routines a couple of times, you can confidently distinguish his performance from any other.


Shogo Kai / Show-Go (October 31, 1999) is a professional beatboxer from the northern part of Japan, in the Hokkaido region. Shogo learned about beatboxing at the age of 14 when he watched beatboxer Hikakin on YouTube. After that, he revisited a bunch of beatbox videos. In 2017, Show-Go released their Wildcard at the Grand Beatbox Battle, which took first place.

Show-Go - I'm Back

One thing that sets Show-Go's beatboxing style apart is its slow pace, flavored with powerful beats, and its control over complex sounds. Show-Go has a subtle feel for beatboxing, so each composition is performed in a very musical and original way. One of his most interesting sounds is considered to be his double voice, which has attracted the interest of many beatboxers around the world.


WinG is a leading beatboxer from Korea. In early 2017, he officially became the champion by winning the Korean Beatbox Championship, a competition that marked a huge milestone in the Korean beatbox scene. The only battle he has ever fought since KBC 2017 was the Asian Beatboxing Championships, where he and beatboxer Hellcat competed as a team called the Jackpot and finished in 2nd place.

The Winga beatbox sounds structured and consistent, with each beat forming a complete composition. This approach is more professional.



Robin Calderolla / Babeli is an internationally renowned beatboxer from Marburg, Germany. He started beatboxing at the age of 14. Five years later, Babeli took part in his first battle at the German beatboxing championship in 2011, where he won first place. In 2015, Babeli participated in the world championship, finishing in the TOP 16 in the world, losing to the vice-champion Napom in the semifinals.

Babeli - Landing

Babeli's style reflects well the mix of new and old beatboxing. The softness and abstractness of the beats create a special atmosphere. His composition Landing fully reflects his entire beatboxing style. Various clicks and techniques set Babeli apart from many beatboxers.


Bjorn Hunstad / Bloomer is an American beatboxer from Northwest Minnesota who started beatboxing at the age of 14. He only started practicing when a friend of his brother's started playing beatboxing.

Bloomer - Dark Hype

Bloomera's angular, solid and slightly wobbly beatbox make him one of the most original beatboxers of recent years. The combination of his labial bass and clear base sounds, combined with light accents in every beat, sound very unusual. To understand his philosophy of beatboxing, you need to listen to several of his works.

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