Fairy Tales: Visiting the sun

 One day a large cloud covered the sky. The sun did not appear for three days.

Chickens are bored without sunlight.

- Where has this sun gone? - they say. - We need to return him to heaven as soon as possible.

- Where will you find him? - the hen cackled. - Do you know where it lives?

“We don’t know who knows, but we’ll ask whom we meet,” answered the chickens.

The hen gathered them for the road. She gave me a bag and a purse. There is a grain in a bag, a poppy in a purse.

The chickens set out. They walked and walked and saw: in the garden, behind a head of cabbage, sits a snail. The largest, horned, and on the back of the hut stands.

The chickens stopped and asked:

- Snail, snail, do you know where the sun lives?

- I do not know. There is a magpie sitting on the fence - maybe she knows.

And the magpie did not wait for the chickens to approach her. She flew up to them, chattered, crackled:

- Chickens, where are you going, where? Where are you chickens going, where are you going?

Chickens answer:

- Yes, the sun has disappeared. For three days he was not in heaven. Let's go look for him.

- And I'll go with you! And I will go with you! And I will go with you!

- Do you know where the sun lives?

- I don’t know, but the hare, maybe, knows: he lives in the neighborhood, beyond the border! - the magpie crackled.

He saw the hare that guests were coming to him, straightened his hat, wiped his mustache and opened the gate wider.

- Hare, hare, - the chickens squeaked, the magpie rattled, - don't you know where the sun lives? We are looking for him.

- I don’t know, but my neighbor is a duck - she probably knows: she lives near the stream, in the reeds.

The hare led everyone to the stream. And near the stream there is a duck house and the shuttle is tied next to it.

- Hey, neighbor, are you at home or not? - shouted the hare.

- At home, at home! The duck grunted. - I still can't dry out - there was no sun for three days.

- And we're just going to look for the sun! - the chickens, the magpie and the hare shouted to her and the answer. - Do you know where it lives?

- I don’t know, but behind the stream, under the hollow beech, the hedgehog lives - he knows.

They crossed the brook in a canoe and went to look for the hedgehog. And the hedgehog sat under the beech and dozed.

- Hedgehog, hedgehog, - the chickens, the magpie, the hare and the duck cried in chorus, - you don't know where the sun lives? For three days he was not in heaven, was he not sick?

The hedgehog thought and said:

- How not to know! I know where the sun lives. Behind the beech is a large mountain. There is a big cloud on the mountain. Above the cloud there is a silvery month, and then the sun is just a stone's throw away!

The hedgehog took a stick, pulled on his hat and walked in front of everyone to show the way.

So they came to the top of a high mountain. And there the cloud clung to the top and lies, lies.

Chickens, a magpie, a hare, a duck and a hedgehog climbed onto the cloud, sat down more firmly, and the cloud flew straight towards the month to visit. A month saw them and quickly lit up its silver horn.

“A month, a month,” the chickens, a magpie, a hare, a duck and a hedgehog shouted to him, “show us where the sun lives! For three days he was not in heaven, we missed him without him.

The month brought them straight to the gates of the house of the sun, but the house is dark, there is no light: it’s asleep, it’s obvious that the sun doesn’t want to wake up.

Then the magpie crackled, the chickens squeaked, the duck quacked, the hare clapped its ears, and the hedgehog pounded with a stick:

- Little sun-bucket, look out, highlight!

- Who is shouting under the window? - asked the sun. - Who is stopping me from sleeping?

- It's us - chickens, and a magpie, and a hare, and a duck, and a hedgehog. Come to wake you up - the morning has come.

- Oh, oh! .. - the sun groaned. - But how can I look at the sky? For three days the cloud hid me, for three days it covered me up. I can't shine now ...

The hare heard about it - he grabbed a bucket and started carrying water. The duck heard about it - let's wash the sun with water. And forty - to wipe with a towel. And the hedgehog - let's polish it with a prickly bristle. And the chickens - they began to brush away the speck from the sun.

The sun peeped out into the sky, clear, clear and golden. And everywhere it became light and warm.

The chicken also went out to bask in the sun. She went out, cackled, calling the chickens to her. And the chickens are right there. They run around the yard, looking for grains, basking in the sun.

Who does not believe, let him see if the chickens are running around the yard or not.

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