GGO Kurt & LilCJ Kasino - God Forgives I Don’t Lyrics


GGO Kurt & LilCJ Kasino - God Forgives I Don’t Lyrics

 GGO Kurt & LilCJ Kasino - God Forgives I Don’t Lyrics

[Intro: LilCj Kasino]

(This high thoughts we all high)


(Aye yuh yuh yuh)

(Sino shit nigga)

(Bow bow)

[Verse 1: LilCj Kasino]

Flooded my wrist could of bought me some land (bling bow)

I ride around with the K like the clan (bow)

Back in the day get you dropped for a gram (aye)

Drop a location get dropped where you staying (bow bow)

Treat a bad bitch like a fan (bitch)

Creep up and put him to sleep like a xan

Ain't no talking we popping his top like a can (ain't no talking)

Brand new chop know the opp just got knocked out a chance

In a coffin little nigga got caught cause you thought we was playin

He a opp if he go against me then he better be praying

Cause god forgive I don't

And I ain't no stepper little nigga I stomp

Put you on a stretcher got work for the less hit the trap and I double my guap and I'm gone (trap)

Had to teach him a lesson don't do disrespect had them shooters push up and put one in yo dome (pew pew pew pew)

Better go had to send out my motherfucking bag

I bet when we load up the spin we don't slide with no phone (spin)

Put some on my head then his shooter got wet now we rolling this smoking that boy like a zone (huh)

All of my jewelry white gold ain't no chrome (bling bow)

Pull up and make the drake sing not no song

Rock out the show bitches throwing they thong

Dive in her throat when her husband ain't home (freak)

I hit the trap and get fly like a drone

I fly to LA I feel like Capone

We be outside in the field with them sticks tryna drill niggas still in the street like a cone

I came from pushing the rock like I'm Hov

24 hours come shop we don't close

Back when I used to wear gold

Nigga I barely was having some clothes

[Bridge: LilCJ Kasino & GGO Kurt]

(Uh uh)

Really came from the mud

Go get his own little nigga

Now we having this shit


Nigga know we still on that fuck shit too man

These niggas talk that gangsta shit in they song we really live it

Whole lotta that nigga

On god

(Aye go)

[Verse 2: GGO Kurt]

I started rapping so I grip the pack on the road (road)

Little bro gripping the pack by the stove (skrt)

I used to stand on the block till I caught me a cold (trap)

All night I ain't ever come home

Little bro n em sliding them young niggas fiending for souls

When I sign everybody getting known (let's go)

He talk that trapping shit all in his songs (trap)

Nigga we really came up of bowls

I got some youngins that came up of bodies and hoes

Still slanging that iron to get on

If it's the gang you know I'm riding right or they wrong

He gon die if he play on my phone (on gang)

I used to wake up early and play all my songs

Now I get paid to rock out all the shows

We ain't hitting the stage if we ain't got the poles (uh uh)

Nigga gon die and we taking his clothes

[?] go down better go ask ya bros (uh uh)

Nigga played and got shot in his nose (on god)

Google me "nigga play and get shot at the store"

Niggas cap he ain't ever got shot at before

(bow bow bow)

[Outro: LilCj Kasino]

Gang shit y'all know what the fuck popping



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