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Henry Bowers - A Friendly Game Of Chess Lyrics


Henry Bowers - A Friendly Game Of Chess

Okay, here's the deal


I'm an outsider, underground rider

I'll squeeze myself to death if my flow sounds tighter

Times have been brighter, soon I'm out of breath

Set aside cause I don't sound like the rest

It ain't no fun at all, seems to be my fate to run and fall

And I hate you one and all, damn your eyes

I plan to rise and vandalize the culture you have standardized and scatter lines

Maybe it's no use to let me fantasize

Couldn't just stand by, I had to try

See, these rappеrs, they ain't smart, they're just actin' all hard

But whеn you come with rhyme and reason they be actin' quite weird

My solution is we settle with some black and white squares

But for me, it's just a friendly game of chess

May the best strategy win, now let the battle begin

And now I'm bettin' my draws are much better than yours

Now let's set up the board and just settle the score


Think for a while before you make your move

One blink of your eye's all it takes to lose

So try to set aside all the pain and stress, or take a rest

It's just a friendly game of chess

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