Hi-Hat Beatbox Tutorials (Video + Download)

 The second main beatbox basic sound is called Hi-Hat / Open Hi-Hat (Hi-Hat / Open Hi-Hat) and it is also used almost constantly, as it is part of the basic construction of the bits. This is one of the simplest sounds in beatbox, as it can be made by simply saying the English letter "t" and emphasizing the rapid ejection of air through the center of the mouth. It's easier to watch a couple of video tutorials and understand the principle of creating sound, so below are some good lessons on this sound.


The second lesson is dedicated to the closed hi-hat. The principle of creation, how to hone, what to pay attention to, and so on, is all in this video


Tyler Dabya Beat Tutorials on Hi-Hat

The second beatbox issue from Tye, where he tells in detail in a short video how to make a classic hi-hat and how to hone it + a new rhythm for training.


Alem returned with his second lesson, but this time he focused on hi-hat. In this tutorial, he wants you to focus on the clear precision of your sounds, which are ultimately crucial in quality. As in the last video, the concept is simple. He's a beatbox under a metronome, and then you follow him. Be sure to speak loudly, energetically and with all your might!

The sound is very simple and these tutorials will be quite enough to understand it. As with the first sound (barrel), it is important to practice more and combine with any other honed basic sound, such as kick.


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