Jack Pop - The Bully Busters

Jack Pop - The Bully Busters


We’re the bully busters

We eat straight rocks

If we catch you bullying

We'll knock off your socks


Yo! Whats good

My name is Chester

Say a bad word

and you're gone for the semester


Hey Hello

My name is wayne

Mess with my friends

And you’ll feel the pain


What’s up my homies

My name is Jamie,

Why be a goon

You can get more brainy

(insert weird dancing)


Wowza, that was a pretty nifty flip, but wanna know what isn’t nifty?




Ayo Chester, what’s the 4-1-1 on cyberbullying


I’ll tell you, Jamie

This is Curby, but you can call him Curb

He's fallen under the mitochondria

Let’s take a gandеr


Eat my shorts, loser


One way you can deal with these r-r-r-r-rancid monster humans is by telling them to talk to..

the hand!

* Insert buddy showing Brad the hand and Brad screams * arrrr


Looks like the only thing he’ll be eating

Is rocks



All right, looks like that’s a wrap

And remember kids, stay swaggy




*Insert more weird dancing*


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