Noize MC Biography,. Song Lyrics

Noize MC Biography,. Songs, Lyrics

 Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) was born on March 9, 1985 in Yartsevo, Smolensk region. Dad is a musician, mom is a chemist by training. In 1994, the parents divorced. He began to show interest in music at the age of 10, in the winter of 1995-96, right from the middle of the year, he went to a music school to study classical guitar. In 1997 he moved with his mother to Belgorod. Twice became a laureate of the Belgorod Regional Competition of Classical Guitar Performers: 1st place in 1998 and 2nd place in 2000. He participated in various local amateur musical groups, the most famous of which were the hip-hop project Face2Face, which is well known to the Internet listener, and the Rychigy Mashyn punk-rap team. In 2001 he graduated from music school, in 2002 - general education (with a gold medal).

In the same year, he entered the Russian State University for the Humanities and moved to Moscow, where he was closely engaged in solo work, and in 2003 he organized the group "ProtivoGunz" - an alternative guitar group, all members of which were also nonresident students of the Russian State University for the Humanities. The overwhelming majority of the tracks Noize MC and ProtivoGunz currently available on the network were composed and recorded in the student dormitory of this university.

In the period from 2003 to 2005. Noize MC participates in various freestyle battles and other club and network hip-hop competitions, where he regularly takes prizes and hones the art of rap improvisation, and the ProtivoGunz group travels around Moscow with hungry and drunken punk tours, performing in endless DKs, clubs , bars and open areas.

In March 2005, Noize MC defeated MC Molodoy, known for his collaborations with Legalize (P-13 group) and DeTsl (Aka Le Truk album), in the final of the major Moscow street battle SGK (Snickers Guru Klan, the festival of street culture, where representatives of extreme sports, b-boys and MC compete with each other at various venues) and receives an invitation from the organizers to become the host and judge of the MC-site of another large street festival - Snickers Urbania.

In the spring of the same year, Noize MC and ProtivoGunz acquire a new invaluable experience - the practice of improvised street performances. In May, Noise moved from the dormitory of the Russian State University for the Humanities to a rented room on the Old Arbat, which for the coming warm months also becomes a storage place for almost all the equipment accumulated by the musicians during the short period of the band's existence. Several times a week, the guys take out all their belongings outside, including a drum kit, amplifiers and a microphone tied to a rack with duct tape, and discourage passersby with their guitar hip-hop with elements of reggae, punk rock, grunge and new metal, abundantly improvising and using profanity. From time to time they are joined by familiar rappers from RW-Clan and beat boxing masters Vakhtang and Blackmann (beat box - vocal percussion,

At first, the owners of various Arbat kiosks willingly enough allowed the organizers of all this sound bacchanalia to be powered by electricity, but later, when the failures became more frequent, the guys discovered a wire hanging directly from one of the houses, which for a very long time solved the problem with the power supply. Naturally, it did not do without problems with the police, but, fortunately, the outcome, as a rule, was limited to conversations and relatively small "fines", except for one single case when law enforcement officers arrived in time exactly in the middle of the song "Smoke bamboo!" just the characteristic features of their profession and its representatives ...

Further, for two summers in a row (2005, 2006) Noise travels with the team "Snickers Urbanii" around the country and with the proceeds records studio material, some of which is published on various rap compilations. In the summer of 2006, he signed a contract with the hip-hop label "Respect Production" (Casta, Y. G., Smokey Mo) as a solo artist, but he did not stop working with ProtivoGunz, continuing his club and street performances, and on September 9, 2006 of the year the group becomes the winner of the All-Russian competition "Urban Sound".

As the main prize, the guys shoot a low-budget video clip (after much debate and gossip, the choice fell on a rather "ancient" track from Noise's solo repertoire - "Song for the Radio") and put it into rotation on MUZ-TV, but, at the insistence of the label , the artist is listed as "Noize MC" in the output. In November, the track appeared on the air of the radio station "DFM" and did not leave the chart for four months. In March 2007, a video clip for the same song, re-shot on the initiative of the TV channel itself (!), Gets into hot rotation on MUZ-TV. The director was Hindrek Maasik, an Estonian clip-maker, known to the Russian audience mainly for his work with the groups "Disco Crash" and "Band'Eros".

The scandalous video, where there is practically not a single dressed character, and all the causal places of the participants and participants of this punk lawlessness are covered with black signs with the inscription "Noize MC", reaches the 5th place in the "10 of Ours" MUZ-TV. On Friday, April 13, 2007, a contract is signed between Noize MC, Respect Production and the Russian division of the world recording giant Universal Music Group. Initially, it was planned to release the debut album Noize MC jointly by RespectProduction and Universal Music Russia, but a few months later the artist's previous label completely "hands over" it to the major UMR. In parallel with all these events, Ivan does not let the underground MC relax and unconditionally wins first place in the largest Russian-language Internet battle (about 3000 participants) - the 7th Official Hip-Hop Battle.

In the summer of 2007, Noize MC received an invitation to play one of the main roles in a new project of the production center of Pavel Lungin ("The Island" with Pyotr Mamonov, "Cruelty", etc.) - the film "Prank", a remake of the popular movie of the same name by Vladimir Menshov 1976 of the year, which at one time brought fame to Dmitry Kharatyan. Noize MC plays a teenage eleventh grader, a talented young musician who moved to Moscow from the Tyumen region due to the death of his parents and came to a regular Moscow school at the beginning of the last quarter. In addition to playing the role, Noize MC is responsible for the film's soundtrack, which will include 7 songs from the artist's direct repertoire plus various experimental alternative compositions written specifically for the film. Tentative premiere date - March 20, 2008

Shortly before the start of the shooting of the "Drawing" Noize MC and the musicians of ProtivoGunz, who still perform with him at all concerts as an unchanged accompanying line-up, again went to Tallinn, where the second clip of the project, "Behind a Closed Door", was filmed with the same director. The song is the story of a rock band that suddenly became insanely popular, told with trademark noise irony and black humor. The composition contains a sample from the song of the group "Chizh & C" - "Eternal Youth" and is nothing more than a slightly reworked track by Noise for the 2nd round of last year's 7th Official Battle of Hip-Hop.Ru.

In the fall, the clip was rotated on the MTV channel and was ranked 10th in the "100 Best Songs of MTV-2007". Also, the single was well supported by the radio stations "M-Radio" and "Next FM".

On September 20, 2007, Noize MC and his musicians honorably performed as the opening act for The Black Eyed Peas themselves, who came with a big concert to the Moscow Ice Palace on Khodynskoe Pole as part of their Pepsi Black, Blue & You Tour.

Currently, Noize MC is busy with studio work on the material for the album and the soundtrack for the film "Raffle", the trailer for which is currently available on the Internet. The artist's clips can also be seen on such TV channels as A1 (First Alternative) and RU.TV (TV version of Russian Radio). At the same time, Ivan and his musicians still occasionally perform on the Old Arbat.

On May 22, 2008, the All-Russian premiere of the film "Raffle" took place, and on May 30, at the Gorod Noize Mc club, he presented his long-awaited album, The Greatest Hits vol.1.

In July-August 2009, Noize MC toured practically all major cities of the country as the headliner of the SNICKERS URBANIA festival, performing on the same stage with ##### in Samara and Psyche in St. Petersburg.

In 2010, a new album called "The Last Album" was released. The title is a mockery of various recent tours and pop star performances. Together with the album, there is also a book by Noize MC drummer - Pasha, entitled "Underground". It describes the events taking place with a group of musicians who were locked up somewhere in a dungeon after the apocalypse. The song from the "Last Album" - "It's cool on Mars" was allegedly written by these musicians. The book together with the disc are successfully distributed by the group at their performances at a price of 300 RUR. rub.

The group currently has the following line-up:

Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) - vocals, electric guitar

Alexander Kislinsky - bass guitar

Pavel Teterin - drums

Maxim Kramar - keyboards, electric guitar


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