Pf Snare Beatbox Tutorial


The next main sound in the beatbox is called Snare (Pff snare) and it is often replaced by the previous sound - Clap. The sound is not very complicated, but like all sounds in beatbox requires good practice.


In the last lesson on basic sounds, Tyla Dabya shows how to make a classic Snare in a beatbox. Still high-quality and interesting content that will help beginners

American beatboxer TylaDubya continues to talk about the basic sounds in the beatbox and this time he will explain how to make the fourth basic sound - Snare.

High-quality video tutorials from the largest beatbox community in Germany. On the channel you will find other lessons on various sounds and techniques, and in this video the author analyzes the basic sound of Snare, how to make it, what is important to understand, and so on.

A Belgian beatboxer shows how to make a classic Snare. FootboxG has extensive experience in beatboxing and has been the champion of his country since 2018.


In this tutorial, Alem pushes you to work with your external snare drum FOR. The snare drum PF is a combination of the solid consonant sound "P" and the subsequent sound "F" to simulate the sound of a snare drum. This lesson is divided into two parts. The first part is exercises with a metronome, in which he shows the rhythm, and you follow him. In the second part of this lesson, he pushes you to do as many loud snare drums as possible for 30 seconds in a row, without a metronome.

This sound can be said to be the final one at the heart of the beatbox, it is desirable to study other sounds after honing the above basic sounds. Next, we will analyze simple pattern and show how to do these patterns, using the example of video tutorials on YouTube.

Simple Beatbox Pertern

After we have studied the basic sounds, and they have started to turn out well, the next step will be to create the first beats from these sounds. It is necessary to understand the mechanics of creating iterations in order to build more complex patterns from simple patterns in the future.


A girl explains simple pattern for beginner beatboxers. After watching this tutorial, you will learn how to make two simple beats.

The most important thing is not to rush and try to work out every sound.
Here is another Basic Beatbox pattern for beginner


After studying simple iterations and understanding the principle of creating bits in a beatbox, you can gradually expand the boundaries of the sound set, learning new sounds and techniques, honing what you already know. Below are resources where you can search for new tutorials and constantly improve.


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