Big Boogie – Dude Lyrics

Haha, for real though, bull
Bull, bull, bull
Haha, big dude
(Ayy, Carter Z, you goin’ too crazy)

Fox 13, I got ’em mad as fuck (I got ’em heated)
All these Glocks, they legally only, don’t let ’em gas you up (Frrt)
Big dude, huh, my member be steppin’ and they ain’t gon’ pass you up (They ain’t gon’ pass you up)
I’m slidin’ in i8’s, Boogie, you drivin’ too fast, this fast enough (Ho fast enough)
They all in the media talkin’ ’bout Big Dude, they tryna bash me up (They tryna talk)
These n***** sad as fuck, they stay in they feelings, they mad or what? (They heated as fuck)
VVS water, check out my smile, window, glass as fuck
My bitch bad as fuck, ten MM’s she black as fuck
We smoke dragon guts, fire up the dead, he gas or what?
Draco gag and puff, smokin’ on onion, this casket musk
I wear fashion plus, my shoes one K, I can’t walk in the dust
Baby be hypin’ me up, one lick and I stick it in right in her guts
Big Dude, pitbull I’m the top dawg
Waitin’ on the microphone, lockjaw
They all in my business, I’m slidin’ the city, ooh, for knockin’ her socks off
Murder too loud, we don’t got a volume, they tryna call us a mob boss
Check out my Audemar, my powerful avatar, changin’ my channel to outlaw, ooh

Ayy, I’m Big Dude
I know I got a lot of n***** mad at me, you see what I’m sayin?
They ain’t gon’ fuck with me though
I’m rich as fuck too, haha, frrt

Pull up on Tracy, just got me a dice game
CMG murder, my life changed (Life changed)
Cartier glasses, baby, these my frames
Young n**** thuggin’ with pipe game (Ooh)
Spend me some thousands, check out my ice game
What’s in my pocket? A white man (Dead man)
You wanna get rich? This shit just a mind frame
Live on forever, my time changed (Time changed)
Spaceship bullets
No end, it send people the right way (Brrt)
We creepin’ in hemi’s at nighttime
I beat that lil’ pussy in nighttime (Ooh)
Paws off, friday
Jump in that pussy, went bang bang
Diamonds, they fully Chane-ne
I beat all my charges, the right thing (Right thing)

Big Dude, baby, I’m cool, you don’t gotta lie to me, bitch (Don’t lie to me)
Yo’ n****, he cool, but fronted yo’ end and it’s finna get bad in this shit
I cut off my ex, moved on to the next, she heard me, she know that I’m rich (Get outta here)
She tryna find me and another n****, she lost, ho, that’s what you get (Ho, that’s what you get)
CMG diamonds water, this ain’t toilet water, you ain’t flushin’ my shit (Ooh, ooh)
Lil’ shawty all mine showing brown thighs, you ain’t fuckin’ my bitch (Right now)
V8 the new motor, pushin’ that Audi, just move over (Just move over)
Bitch, I’m the new vote, bought me a house, a smooth total, frrt

Haha, I’m Big Dude (You Big Dude)
I’m talkin’ ’bout I can crack a smile and lil’ mama gon’ go for it, ya heard me?
Ain’t gotta touch her or none of that (What’s happenin’, woadie?)
I’m Big Dude (What’s happenin’, woadie?)

I’m Big Dude (I’m Big Dude)
My haters (My haters)
My car raw (My car raw)
Check my ear (Ooh, ooh)
Chopper bullet (Frrt, frrt)
Bank account (Ha, ha)
Large amounts (Ha, ha)
Knock him down (Brrt, brrt)

Ooh, ooh
Bitch, I’m rich, ooh
Bitch, I’m rich, ah, ooh
Damn, I don’t know what to say
This shit gettin’ better and better
Keep goin’, best friend

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