Big Boogie – Tired Of Love Lyrics

Yeah, see it’s like it’s 3:18 in the booth like
I got to vent bruh
You see what I’m saying? Like my mind heavy bruh

See I just stay to myself (See I just stay to myself)
Can’t fuck with bitches I be wasting my breath
I tried to vent but I just cry to myself (I cry to self)
They tell your business but they call you for help (They call your phone)
I got my right but Raya Joi that’s my left (Oh that’s my daughter)
She gon’ eat first but daddy gon’ eat what’s left
I’m a champion but don’t need a belt (I’m a champion)
I share my feelings but I wish they was kept

I don’t give a damn what they say about me
Even my family, they say some things about me
The people that I help don’t give a damn about me
At first I was lost, I thank the Lord I found me
People talk about God I hear the same about me
Had to change my circle up I made some changes ’round me
All my ex’s, fuck ’em, they say something to down me
I’m a young n**** thuggin’, don’t give a fuck who clown me

Just iced out my body I try my best to drown me
Keep my head above water, keep the bad from ’round me
N***** out here in the city they hate but pound me
Bitches wanna be my bitch, I don’t let ’em they lie on me
I know n***** that don’t like me but I don’t think about ’em
I miss my daddy so much, I just got pictures about ’em
My baby momma a trip but I can’t diss about her (Reauna)
Can’t disrespect her nowhere, I’m shooting sticks about her
Forever here for my daughter, I can’t get rich without her (Raya)
You n***** gangsta with no guns but they a bitch without ’em
How the fuck that’s yo n****? You hit a lick without ’em (Bitch)
Free my demons out that cage I’m kind of sick without ’em
I just be smoking and thinking
Life a motherfucker
Family ain’t shit, n***** killing they own blood brothers
If they don’t understand my struggle in the mud fuck ya (Fuck ya)
I’m a Louisiana n**** from the mud sucker

Ooh, I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love
I’m tired of love

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