CONGRATULATION SMS 4th of April (National Volleyball Day)

CONGRATULATION SMS 4th of April (National Volleyball Day)

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Just a couple of centuries ago

, the whole world learned about volleyball!

He gives a positive charge,

I wish everyone only victories!

Let volleyball thrive,

This is the best game in the world,

Let everyone play it,

We shout “hurray” for volleyball!

Volleyball is a game for active guys,

This sport gives everyone a positive charge,

We will always play volleyball together,

Only get joy and happiness in return!

We only wish prosperity to volleyball,

So that everyone knows the game, and not just the name,

So, let volleyball beat all records,

Let people play it all the time!

Volleyball is a wonderful game,

Therefore, today we all need to

rush to the playground at full speed,

To play volleyball with everyone together!

It doesn't matter who wins today,

It has only one meaning now:

Volleyball pulls us like a magnet!

Let the game give pleasure to everyone!

Happy birthday volleyball congratulations,

After all, the game is related to you.

In the first lines of victories, I wish you to

be at your best in any game.

I wish you vivacity, health,

Only the best of everything:

Peace, joy with love,

So that everything is fine.

On the birthday of volleyball

I send you my congratulations,

The ball flies over the net

You go straight to heaven.

I wish you strong innings,

So that you fly in a jump

And it doesn’t matter where to play -

On the court, on the sand.

The main thing is that in volleyball

The main thing is that you were forever in love with

, Never parted,

To with a net and a ball.

Volleyball celebrates today

its sports birthday today.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,

May success follow every game.

May victory surround you everywhere

So that you reach the desired heights.

And let health grow stronger,

And let the soul bloom with fun.

On the birthday of volleyball

On this sporty, bright day,

I wish you a lot of happiness,

Accept fate's gifts.

To lead every match victoriously,

to love all rivals,

to continue diligent training,

to be a champion.

On the birthday of volleyball

I wish you to be healthy,

To win games

And receive awards.

Obey your team,

It is important to be a part, not the main thing.

And get a victory,

Whether it's a game or life!

Today we celebrate the holiday

Volleyball has a birthday,

And we wish prosperity,

Promotion among the masses!

Let everyone know as soon as possible

About the wonderful dynamic sport,

It develops strength, dexterity,

Makes the figure excellent!

On the birthday of volleyball

Let the ball fly over the net,

Every pass and every swing

Will certainly be well-aimed.

May this glorious game live and prosper ,

May everyone respect it:

Old people and children.

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