Doe Boy – BIG OH REALLY Lyrics

Oh really
Doe Beezy
Buh-buh, buh-buh, buh
Buh-buh, buh-buh, buh (Niggas burnt, fuck is you talm ’bout?)
See your opp, scream out, “Oh really?” (Oh really?)
Catch him on his block, dump the whole fifty (Buh-buh, buh-buh)
Do y’all spare opps? No, silly (Fool)
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)
(Oh really?)
(Let’s go)

See your opp, scream out, “Oh really?” nigga
Up the chop, it sing like Bone, but I don’t know Bizzy, nigga
This no kizzy when I say this, I run the whole city, nigga
No pretendo, no Nintendo, dump this whole switcher in ya
Switch-switchy on the Glock, I get busy on a opp
Then I’ll fucky-fuck my thot, bitch, that’s no biggie, I’m like Pac
Give no fuck about no cop, I’ll dump this blicky on the SWAT
All the opps, they wish I’ll die but won’t put a blocky on my top (Oh really?)

Fuck you talm ’bout, nigga? If you want me dead, nigga do it then, the fuck? Pull the trigger
I bet you won’t, fuck nigga
You scared of me, stop playin’ with yourself
Don’t even lie to yourself, ho ass nigga (True story)
Fuck, don’t even build the courage to do that
(Doe Beezy)

Can’t fuck ’round with no tellin’ shit, I’m really on that felon shit
You ain’t never fucked no nigga over, I guess you celibate (Pussy)
…. [1:13] fuck around and get his hands on it, then he sellin’ it
Heat on my lap, no cap nigga, should’ve went to Elliot (Oh really?)
Ice all on my necklace, try, I’ll do you dirty
Up that choppa, let it prrr, do you shiesty with this 30
I don’t know which blues I got, gon’ see if these hundreds or Perc 30s (Damn)
Motherfuckin’ shame, nigga, let’s go
Blue benji, blue benji, these niggas bleeding’ around this bitch
Lil’ double C’s ’round this bitch but I got B’s ’round this bitch
Throwin’ up P’s ’round this bitch
He high on P’s ’round this bitch
Young gunners’ll leave you wet, he Drip Season ’round this bitch, nigga (Slatty)
See your opp, scream that, “Oh really?” out
See your opp, you better pull your blicky out
Scared of me when I was broke, nigga now I’m rich, wanna be a enemy now?
See them niggas in your background, like I’ma come through knock the whole scenery down
Hyping you up, every day I went to school, shit, they was writing me up (Facts)
I catch him lacking, he stuck like Chuck
50’ll leave his whole family crying like Buck
I don’t give no fucks
Difference from us? You give like one, nigga (Pussy)
One too much, nigga (Oh really)

The fuck? Don’t give like one fuck ’bout a pussy ass nigga, fuck you talm ’bout?
Ho ass nigga
When I catch you, you know what’s going on, man
Stop lying to the people, man
They’ll probably leave your stupid ass, ho ass nigga, fuck you talm ’bout, nigga?
You know what’s up with me
Big Doe Beezy

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