EST Gee – What It Is Lyrics

What It Is Lyrics by EST Gee (feat. Yo Gotti)

Li Trebble made the beat he only had to play it once

Close that door when you come in here

Make sure the door closed
I still get in loads I know Fatboy gone get that dope sold
I knew two OG’s don’t get respect we heard they both told
My lil bruh don’t say nun he just spray sumn he don’t know zone

Yo Gotti
My lil bro been locked up fighting two cases may not come home
Lil bro know I fuck around go broke cuz i can’t move on
I’ma keep appealing that shit
I done blew three mill on that shit
Lawyer talking bout copping a plea but I ain’t feeling that shit

Yeah yeah yeah
They know us from hitting on shit
55 to Millton I be tryna quit then they **
Then we go spinning again (brrt)
This shit ain’t no secret even OT get my yeeky
I’m the one made opps click up with police they couldn’t beat me
Slump a n**** over with this blow up like he sleepy
N***** driving be surviving but the passengers be leaking

We got like two dracs and four hand guns inside this Cullinan
N***** say it’s pussies over there you ain’t talking bout none of us
I was selling O’s and them M’s I’ma run it up
How you blow yo bag on a bitch before you put yo momma up
I just flew my FN and my choppa out to Louisville
Gee took me to Newburg before the deal I know what it is
real street n**** ion know how to feel
I can help you get a plaque or a hunnid thousand pills

Told big bro you straight
A n**** play then we gone do him in
Booted off that X and make them mesh knocked off they brother limbs
My lil bitch a slime she set up n***** and I love her still
I fuck her so long she say I bet not take another pill
Trapping drop that action in the water this bitch gotta swim
Balling like they draft me as a starter but I ain’t touching rims
Say you want that smoke then get to feeling up the O zone
Fuck around see a mono with that iron in a red zone
My big bro make millions off that ice we call em four zone
I iced out my wrist like it was *** from a broke bone
8:40 in the morning I’m on ** working both phones
Caught a brick of Fet a pound of smoke just got em both sold
He thought we was country capping acting like his dope strong
Send a n**** home without a dollar but his dope gone

Realist shit I heard was everybody shine together
Air control I know birds fly in any weather
I just bought a Richard half a mill on a wednesday
Bitch talking bout Benz me
The opps talking bout E’n me
I keep that fire so never mind security
N***** talking bout paper boy I got that shit in jewelry
You may lose some blood
And I might need a jury
Bought that gangsta shit I swear to god there ain’t no fear in me (I Am)
Yeah count that shit again
Just gone through a couple mill stack it up in 10

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