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Purestreams Yahweh is inside me Beatbox Remix by Prayertitus

Hozier - Humours of Whiskey Lyrics

Come guess me this riddle, what beats pipe and fiddle

What's hotter than mustard and milder than cream

What best wets your whistle, what's clearer than crystal

Sweeter than honey and stronger than steam

What can make the dumb talk, what can make the lame walk

What's the elixir of life and philosopher's stone

And what helped Mr. Brunel to dig the Thames Tunnel

Sure wasn't it whiskey from old Inishowen

So we'll stick to the crater the bеst thing in nature

For sinkin' your sorrows and raisin' your joys

And boys I half wonder if lighting and thunder

Was madе from the plunder of whiskey me boys

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