Melody’s Echo Chamber – Looking Backward Lyrics

I’m reflecting light

Play it on the wall

Did see you looking

I’m not interested

You seem kind

And you were ready to show me

Constellation of love

I know that dream

It can’t be real

And where do you come from?

I guess I could try

Did seem aligned

Look through the window

I see reflections that you can’t see

Phasing me, inside

I need the space of mind

You’re running out of time

You won’t believe that

I wish I knew

Every part of you

Through this lonely night

How could I be wrong?

You did everything you could

But it was not enough

You chose the other one

No I didn’t need your light


New vibration

You’re not alone

On this lonesome road

I know that

Dream of magic love

No fears, no pain, but love


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