Tory Lanez - Can't Stop Me Freestyle Lyrics

I'ma show you how to do this, son
It's what it is
N-Rimes what up?
I got us, baby
They gon' have to sign us real soon right?
Brooks what up? Montree what up?
Real City TV, ha, uh

Them trap niggas can't stop me, I'm on top of the globe
And my writtens on top of the stove, I stay on top of the floor
Shots hot, ring the top of your dome
How the fast paced niggas can't copy the flow?
Though I carry the city on my backbone
Whenever I'm in it, the kids like that's home
I may be youngin but sonnin', yeah the cash grown
See me, savor the moment like the last moan, uh
And I ain't loafed and I been waitin'
I stacks money to the ceiling, feelin' impatient
This ain't tag but I gettin' what you been chasin'
Your chain fake, you see the foil and tin plating
Can't get none of the women that I been dated
I could take all of your women, get 'em invaded
Fuck wit' Benjamins, nigga, you gettin' 10 faces
Got the haters red and yellow like Timb laces
You got it wrong if you tryn' take me out
Count rip a track if you tore your girl weave out
What up Sess? Yes, what up B?
They can't shut up me
They like what up T? Oh
Or is I?
Haters can't see me, I am too far inside
Came in the game and niggas was like wizzah
Y'all can't soar me out, y'all niggas no Star Wars jedis
Bet I carry the game, I'm the scariest thing
And if I ever get a dame, she be married to flame, damn
Let me give you my thyroid
I'm so big, it's like my name's on steroids
Therefore, I don't wanna hear boys
Drop tracks all year, that's all year noise
And if it be mister Drake at the top, nigga
Guard your rank, I'm comin' for your spot, nigga
Friendly fire, whatever, I'm a hot nigga
Lookin' for a TDot chick that's got a fly figure
Filet getter, I said I'm a yay spitter
'Cause Lanez can take your chick and plant DNA in her
Yeah, and that's that
Cats is ass lacks, facts
Nah, niggas is shittin' like add lax, uh
Fuck a plaque, man, give me my shine
I need blocks, nigga, TDot city is mine

Nigga, nigga
I could make four more mixtapes off memory, nigga
Y'all ain't never gon' be better than me
I'ma do this 'til I'm 80, nigga
Words of a wise man, uh
And y'all niggas know what it is
You see, it's elimination time
All the real niggas stay and the fake niggas go, you dig?
This the flow that ended your career, nigga, you know what it is
I'm aimin' for the top, boy
N-Rimes, I see you, Freddy Fame what up?
All the niggas I fuck with, already know they fuckin' with me so I ain't gotta worry about that
Look out for my nigga Mo Green, free my brother Sos
Brooks what up? Montree
Real City TV what's good, baby?
I feel nice
And I'ma end it on that one, holla
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