Tory Lanez - The Making Lyrics

I mean I figured, I figured I'd give you the real me
So you could feel me, yeah

This is what I call the makin' of the motherlovin' greatest
Amazin' how I made it through the gutter to your playlist
Some still wondered, I tunnel through all the hatin'
And I made it to the top, y'all can stop your debatin'
I lay face with my face to the pavement
Days when I slept on the floor, my aunt's basement
Ain't lookin' for remorse, I just showin' you the basics
Course I was forced to make it or be the wasted
Niggas could've loved, instead they engraved hatred in they hearts for me
Please God, turn the cards for me
I'm on top of the world with no apostrophe
I know my mother's up there with you
I know she lookin' down at me through a clear picture
Bear with me, let me share with you
'Cause in my lifetime, I jot it down when I write rhymes
See I was left lane cruisin', I wasn't in my right mind
How could y'all judge me?
If y'all don't love me, just say you don't love me
Fuck it, I ain't lookin' for your love nor judgement
Long as this money more comin'
Niggas I don't love nor trust them
The grind got me addicted to cash flow
Room spinnin', feel I'm sippin' in a fast forward motion
Tell the waiter pass more portion
Gotta thank God for my mom, she could have had an abortion
I'm true meanin' that dreams can come true
If somethin' that's a lie can never become true
So if you got a dream, believe and just you
'Cause when everybody gone, who left? Just you
We can master crash up bein' active
We are more than people, we are the masters
If I wasn't here, I prolly be in the casket
Gotta get money, nigga, fuck livin' average
Come on niggas, you gotta think smarter
When you ain't got much, you gotta think Sparta
Life swing at you, you gotta swing harder
Think before I shoot, it's more Vince Carter
Uh, I been alone since 14
Was forced to be the man on my own since 14
Stand for more things but plans for more dreams
They put me in positions to sit inside the land of no dreams
How could you blame me? This is my life, nigga
This no entertainment and nigga, this is real
If it's fakin', I never claim it
My life written in stone, this shit is ancient
This is ancient like a slave ship
Niggas pussy 'cause I take trips all around down
Now I'm on my grizzly jams, to the damn town
Know I'm on curve busy like a pretty, brown round nickel

I can't let the time just pass me
So don't worry 'bout me
Baby I'm outchea
Dreams that I'm chasin', I can't forsake them
But I'm gon' chase my dreams until I die
So don't worry 'bout me
Baby I'm outchea
Dreams that I'm chasin', I can't forsake them

Yeah, constant repetition
It's passive aggression
I mean I been doin' this so long
It's like I feel like
I could go twice what I already did
Feel me
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