Tory Lanez - My Town Freestyle Lyrics

Well I'm gonna give you 2 choices
Either you flock or you die
Yeah (Yeah)
Know it's cold out, ahem
Gotta give these niggas a ahh
Not only do I do it for the city
I do it for the country
I do it for the Flock niggas
Ahh, ahh, ahh, yeah

Maserati, Bugatti, Benz's is on her leg (Yeah)
Bag of luggage, Armani, Fendi, is on the tag
With' 1800, Tequila poppin', safari Jag (ugh)
Haters bluffin', we bring the topics and body bags
And y'all niggas gettin' cheesy like Pizza-nova
Y'all wouldn't kill if you had a ski ho sleepin' over
Presidential suite, she met me when the meetin's over (Yeah)
I'ma be her lawyer and let me beat it for ya
I ain't [?], I don't need Latoya (Yeah)
When you're famous they'll walk the deserts of Egypt for ya
I'm in my Chuck Tay's, [?] a fashion cop
'Cause you can gas yourself 'til your ass gets popped
Walk inside the buildin', leave with half your top (Top)
Smoke it 'til a nigga floatin' like a astronaut
And bitches love to [?], say I'm a fashion drop
I just cover eyes 'til the paparazzi cameras stop
Got the type of swagger, bitches have to stop (Yeah)
You got the type of swag of a laughin' stock
She want a bad boy, well I'ma pass the locks
My hoes apple of the eye, Macintosh (Get it?)
Suede slippers, now niggas is A-listers (Yeah)
We made it nigga, we came from yay flippers (Ugh)
I'm makin' money for a throttle of the bank
How you swimmin' at the bottom of the tank nigga?

Yeah bitch
Let's make one thing clear
T-Lanez, TL, whatever you wanna call me
I am not to be [?] with
'Cause I'm probably with your bitch right now
And I got your bitch on my nutsack
Fresco, we out


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